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Latest: My fantasy novel Anarya's Secret: An Earthdawn Novel is now available for the Kindle from Amazon US and from Amazon UK.

Welcome to Tim Jones's web site. I'm a writer, editor, content specialist for a web company, husband, father, political activist, and lover of cricket, music, and many other fine things.

This site has the facts about my books and my writing. My latest news, opinions, author interviews and announcements are on my blog Books in the Trees.

New and Notable: Fiction

  • Transported, my second short story collection, was published in 2008 and longlisted for the 2008 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award. Transported is now available as a Kindle ebook in the US and in the UK, and you can read some of the fine reviews it has had.
  • My story "The New Neighbours", first published in Transported, was included in the Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Short Stories, edited by Paula Morris, published in September 2009.
  • My fantasy novel Anarya's Secret: An Earthdawn Novel (RedBrick Limited, 2007) is set in the universe of the Earthdawn roleplaying game. See my Anarya's Secret page for more information. You can buy Anarya's Secret online as a hardback, paperback, or e-book (via RPGNow or DriveThru).

Transported cover

New and Notable: Poetry

Voyagers cover


I guest-edited Issue 26 of JAAM Magazine, published in late 2008. You can find out more on my blog. For much more about JAAM, including 2009's Issue 27, submission guidelines and subscription details, see the new JAAM website.

Boat People and Extreme Weather Events

HeadworX Publishers published my first collection of fiction, Extreme Weather Events, in 2001, and have since published my first collection of poetry, Boat People.

Extreme Weather Events and Boat People can be ordered worldwide over the Internet from Books - New Zealand. Enter the name of the book in the "Quick Search" box, and you'll be taken to its page. You can also get them direct from me, or try your local bookstore.

Samples of my work

Quite a few of my poems are available online - check out my Poems page.

Here's some of my short stories available online:

Email me at timjones@actrix.co.nz

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