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Here are some more of my quilts. Most of these were made before December 1998. Please click an image for more detail.


Portrait of a Reptile

The Tuatara is a lizard which has remained unchanged since the time of the dinosaur. It is now confined to a few isolated islands off the coast of New Zealand. Hand painted, hand dyed, hand appliqued, machine pieced, machine quilted.

 Size: 113cm x 97cm

Moth Moon


Don't you hate it when the kids leave the light on and the window is open. Spray dyed, screen printed, hand appliqued, machine quilted.

 Size: 109cm x 89cm

The White Glove Mafia

This quilt was made after a discussion on the internet about people who count the number of stitches instead of looking at the whole design. These people were christened 'The White Glove Mafia'. Hand appliqued, machine pieceing, hand and machine quilting,. Hand dyed and commercial fabrics.

Pattern for floral applique by Gabrielle Swain.

Mozzies: Don't you just hate 'em!

This quilt was made after a night of trying to sleep interspersed with wild leapings around the room trying to smash mosquitoes through the ceiling. Sprayed and screenprinted, machine pieced and quilted.

Exhibited in Quilt National 1997.

Size: 105cm x 105cm


Mozzies: It's us or them.

This quilt was inspired by an article about mosquitoes and malaria. If scientists can map the human genome, how come they can't find a cure for malaria? Hand dyed, screenprinted, machine pieced and quilted.

Size: 114cm x114cm


Sleeping With the Enemy (the dustmite).

If you make a lot of quilts, what you get is dustmites. Its a worrying thought.... Sprayed, screen printed, painted, hand appliqued, machine pieced and quilted.

Size: 115cm x 129cm


Think of a Country

This is about stereotypes. What do you think of when you think of New Zealand - sheep ? Exhibited at Quilt Yokohama. November 1977.


Size: Approx 30cm x 30cm

Pounui Field Trip

At University my major subject was entomology. As part of the course we went on a field trip to Lake Pounui. Only the sounds of the students falling into the stream and the shouts as I accidentally washed my contact lenses down the sink marred the peaceful nature of the place. Spray dyed, screenprinted, machine quilted.


Turned to a Southerly

A comment on Wellington's changeable weather and that New Zealand icon, the rotary clothes line. When the weather 'turns to a Southerly' in Wellington, we dress in warm clothes and rescue the washing from the neighbour's garden.


Size: 90 x 114 cm

The Malevolent Vacuum Cleaner (a.k.a 'Fang')

I hate housework. The vacuum cleaner lurks around trying to catch my attention. Sometimes its reproachful look gets the better of me, but if I get too enthusiastic there is a sudden clatter and then I have to go through the dustbag to find Lego flippers or small toy cars. Dyed and commercial fabrics, t-shirt ribbing, machine appliqué, machine quilting.


Size: approx 40 x 30cm

Some of my quilts are for sale. Please email me ( for further details.

Photography by Gilbert Van Reenan, Wanaka, or Helen Mitchell, Wellington

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