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Having trained as a radiographer as well as in Zoology before studying printmaking , my subject matter tends to show my scientific background but this can change at any time. I enjoy showing people new ways to look at lesser known, but very beautiful animals and plants and am currently working on a series of quilts depicting New Zealand's weird and wonderful trees and grasses and at the same time I am also working on a series of quilts examining human genetics and heredity. My quilts are mostly made from my own hand painted, dyed or printed fabrics which are later machine embroidered, quilted, appliqued or embellished.

I had a quilt in Quilt National '97 and two quilts published in Fiberarts Design Book 6 and one quilt in Fiberarts Design Book 7 which was published in 2004.

I am a trained teacher and have an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts specialising in Printmaking (on paper and fabric) and a Certificate in Desktop Publishing from Whitireia Polytechnic in Porirua, New Zealand.

I began teaching adult education classes in surface design, applique and Japanese bookmaking at the beginning of1998 and this year I will be teaching part-time in the art department at Whitireia Polytechnic, adult education classes in Wellington at Tawa College, Lower Hutt Arts Society, Nancy's Embroidery Shop, and for quilt guilds and arts groups across New Zealand. I have taught at New Zealand Quilt Symposiums in 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2005. I have also taught for quilt guilds in the UK, and at the 2004 Quilt Festival in South Africa.

I am married to David Wratt (a meteorologist) and we have two sons, Christopher (age 12) and James (age 10). The kids are usually interested in my quilts but turn into monsters if I want to go into a fabric shop or quilt show. In 2003 both won awards in the children's section of the New Zealand Quilt Symposium but their winnings went on Lego not on quilting supplies.


Space Quilt
Christopher Wratt at age 7


The Cat that Stopped the Train -
James Wratt at age 6

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