The Lord of the Rings Film Concession

orc The much-heralded Lord of the Rings filming concession was questionably processed. DOC incorrectly allowed activities that were not consistent with management plans (fantasy filming and vehicles off roads at Tongariro, motor boats in Lake Mavora). The ecological significance of an internationally important wetland was ignored. The process was rushed thorugh without public involvement in spite expressions of concern from the Tongariro Taupo Conservation Board. Assertions about effects and mitigation were used as a 'trojan horse' to get access to the conservation estate for a large-scale operation that ultimately had nothing to do with conservation purposes.

The Lord of the Rings and Vertical Limits Film Concessions and the Conservation Act 1987     Printable version     PDF version

Johnson, S. 2002. 4 Butterworths Resource Management Bulletin Vol. 11:125-129.

The Lord of the Rings and Trojan Horses    Printable version

Johnson, S. 2002. FMC Bulletin, Number 148, June 2002, pages 27-30.