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to this website. I originally set it up to provide information about the Department of Conservation (DOC) process to approve concessions.

Under the Conservation Act 1987, a concession must be obtained from DOC for any commercial use of a conservation area. There is a detailed application and approval process that should ensure that: concessions have no major adverse effects, concessions are consistent with conservation management plans and strategies, concessions are consistent with the purpose of conservation, concessions are appropriate.

The site originally consisted of a paper presented to the FMC "Wildlands" Conference in 2000, and a paper focusing on environmental assessment and a paper on the Lord of the Rings filming concessions, both published in the Butterworths Resource Management Bulletin in 2002.

On the Routeburn Track where I used to work as a hut warden I cover the saga of the Harris Saddle shelter, and the debacle of the Routeburn Rage running race. In 2003 I wrote about grazing concessions and I am still rarking up Chris Carter about the Pike River coal mine proposal in the eastern Paparoa range.

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