The Harris Saddle Shelter Concession Application

Routeburn Walks Ltd and the application for a private Harris Saddle Shelter

In this case study DOC's Otago Conservancy advised Routeburn Walk Ltd to apply for a poorly designed new shelter that was not what they wanted.

The suggested design would have clashed with the existing public shelter and would have involved connecting a new toilet to a septic tank that was discharging effluent in breach of its resource consent.Otago DOC said that the discharge was not a relevant effect.

After complaints to the Minister of Conservation and the Ombudsman, Routeburn Walk Ltd organised and funded the upgrading of the Harris Saddle septic tank and decided not to build what was their second choice of shelter. All credit to them and none to Otago Conservancy.

6 April 2000 Letter to Otago Conservation Board

6 April 2000 Sewage Happens at Harris Saddle: Soft DOC Environmental Impact Assessment a paper submitted to Otago Conservation Board.

24 August 2000 A Critical Evaluation of the Decision to Grant a Concession to Routeburn Walk Limited
a paper submitted to the Minister of Conservation Sandra Lee.

November 2001 Routeburn Shelter Success Wilderness Nov 2001