Left Thames at 10.30am after having to return home 3 times for forgotten things. Got to the plane on time arrived at Christchurch after a lovely flight Mount Taranaki was just beautiful, no clouds and totally covered in snow, we flew close to it. My neighbour in the next seat was a fellow motor homer so chatting filled in the flying time.
Landed and got a taxi to my bus unfortunately it had a cracked windscreen Blah! Headed off and arrived at Gwen's (Wallaby Lady), Waimate at 8pm. She cut my hair and I cut her flax. The flax was harder to cut than my hair.
Headed for Oamaru to have the glass measured for a new windscreen, then out to Ikawai to Jan's at the Ikawai Cafe, stayed until Wednesday then back to Oamaru for the new windscreen to be fitted. Enjoyed lunch with Maureen & Ron Huntley (met them at a previous rally). Then off to Christchurch for new moulding around the windscreen, the glass man said I needed it. I didn't, nice man at Smith & Smith Glass Fitzgerald Ave, put me right. It's good when someone honest helps. Thanks Athol or Loyd can't remember which name he was, but he was nice. Headed out of Christchurch and cruised around Rangiora, was surprised how big it was. Saw Frew's Transport here Would like to have had my photo taken in one of these trucks, but resisted temtation. Stayed the night at leithfield Beach, camping ground was nice, right on the edge of the beach, could hear the waves pounding all night. Frost in the morning. Shower left a lot to be desired got into a warm shower soaped up and then the water went cold Ahhhh the owner's responce when I told him "sorry" I found a back packers place at Wairapa and asked for a shower there $2 and I had the rest of the soap off!
Found Weka Pass railway on the same road heading back there on the 20/21st for the live steam weekend.
Called in to farmers I had met at Ikawai now farming at Harwarden, lovely lush pastures and dry under foot, enjoyed a cuppa with them thanks Nicky and Shane, also to Erin for helping with the TV aerial.
13th & 14th September arrived at Hamner Springs for rally with the South Isalnd Free WheelersThis was the first meeting of the Free Wheelers to form a group to meet on a regular bases, there were 14 members at the gathering. Friday night saw names being drawn to have tea in vans 3 to a van. Saturday saw some of them taking a walk up the hill behind Hamner, some went swimming, 2 stayed in camp and played kites. Sunday morning saw some head home. Sunday night happy hour got extended to cover story telling, dance lessons, abridged version of dance of the 7 veils. Had late tea by Clayton's fire (Lamps) late getting to bed. The South Isalnd Free Wheelers turned opn a great weekend. Thanks to all.

Stayed at an AA camp site at the end of Jackson Road for 2 rainy days, Wednesday the sun came out so headed for Lewis Pass and up to Murchison 1/2 way through the wind started to blow then heavy rain. Passed Boyle River, turned left at Springs Junction heading for Murchison, passed some nice farms - new cowsheds. Camped at a nice camping ground at Murchison "Kiwi Park" ph 0800 228080 was still raining heavy. Thursday still raining, left camping ground and Murchison 9.30am. Crossing the bridge out of Murchison I got a Flatty in my front tyre, nice truck driver (are there any other kind) stopped and went back to get the Kumo tyre repairman. Lee was a good lad. I also got a flat battery as I had my lights on to warn other motorists I was stopped. He kindly went back and got a jack pack and got me going. I headed from there to Reefton then back through Lewis Pass, Still windy and rain with water pouring from the hillside, rocks falling, river flowing fast and high. Was extremely glad when I got safely back to Hamner Springs. This was the worst 30 hours of my travels over the last 7 months..
Left Hamner Springs and travelled down through Culverdon inland the scenic route at Amberley, passing through Balcairn and Sefton. Got a bit lost trying to get through Christchurch Arrived at Waimate 6.30 pm.