Headed out of Waimate 6th October 7am for Picton to cross on the Blue bridge Ferry. Arrived at Cheviot and stopped at a rest area for lunch, the sky was blue; snow on the mountains a lovely sight. Then without warning a cold wind started and then the snow began to fall, just a gentle snow so I headed off again. The snow got heavier and the wind and rain started the poor old wipers worked hard trying to keep the windscreen clear of snow. Travelling at 50km I drove right up to Kaikoura Coast with snow, wind and rain. The waves were huge, then a slip came down containing a sapling tree which whacked into the side of the bus breaking the mirror, I carried on, it couldn't get any worse. Wrong! I was so busy dealing with the weather conditions I did not keep an eye on my fuel gauge when I noticed it was down to the last line close to empty, I travelled the last 23km hoping E meant enough and remembering advise I had been giving regarding running out of diesel and having to bleed the line. Someone was watching me (thanks Ralph). I called into the first service station I came to, never mind the cost per litre or fuel points.

Carried on to Picton arriving at the wharf at 5pm. Drove onto the ferry at 6pm, was on the lower deck with one other motor home and two truck and trailer units. We set sail at 7pm had a lovely roast tea on board THEN things started to change as we got out in the strait people started being seasick, I was feeling a little off colour and hoped I wouldn't lose my lovely roast dinner. The ferry staff were great girls looking after, cleaning up etc they gave us ice to suck on that helped a lot. Something else to add to the first aid kit ICE lol. My troubles were not quite over yet I got off the ferry late and headed north in heavy rain. Unable to find a place to park I went to a camping ground I had stayed at previously. I got into a tight situation and backed into a car breaking it's front headlight glass. By now it was 11.30pm. Parked there and left my problems to be dealt with in the morning, had a terrible sleep (wonder why). Morning came and paid for the damage and the camp ground fee. Left for Fielding and stayed with friends Chris & Paulette's. My son Dale came down from Hamilton by overnight train to drive my bus back to Hamilton. I had a hospital appointment for an M.R.I to keep so was important I get moving even through stormy weather. Dale was great company the radio was broken and I can have a futile imagination besides it gave him a chance to drive. We arrived in Hamilton at 2pm; I had a hot bath and a sleep.
The M.R.I Scan was the next morning the results were great the cancer had not spread and further from my face. I had to go back to hospital so they could take some more of my face, face lift they can keep it, my face healed well, thanks to the hands of a careful surgeon.
I have managed to go to Motor Home rallies at Taumaranui, Coromandel and travelled up to Whanagrei twice. I went to story telling in Thames and Tauranga. So October went fast and was memorable!