June Saw me at the Gold Guitars

Sunday I headed for Gore and the Golden Guitars week. Nothing happening on Monday so I went for a drive to Invercargill, saw the ticker tec parade celebrating the Stings good netball win.
Wednesday back at Gore where a heat for the talent quest was being held at Woolworths went to the next heats the next day held at Countdown. The finals were held on the Friday at H & S Smith, some good items very hard to judge the best ones. Friday night was the Mary Duff concert got to bed at midnight. A 10am start on Saturday for the Gold Guitars, some good singing, Country-Rock, not my scene a bit noisy. Saturday night saw the Gold Guitars song writers competition, Kylie Harris won this, another midnighter to bed.
8am start on Sunday this time traditional country the place was packed, travelled back and forth from different rooms during the day watching various shows. The evening was the play off for the finals in Gold Guitar. A 30yr birthday bash after the show starting at midnight, got to bed at 3am.
Went back to Invercargill to visit Trish and Rusty Reynders enjoyed the visit where Trish took me to Bluff, Heading back to visit them in February. Left Trish at got to Balclutha, staying the night in a camping ground, "Helped" the economy of Balclutha by blowing my budget on purchasing a large picture of a steam train and station, the picture is powered so when turned on the lights on the train and station light up an awesome sight, bread and water for the next week.Frosty morning onleaving Balclutha, met rain at Mosgeil travelled through Dunedin and up and over the hills in cloud, hair raising drive, with visibility down to a few feet, no where to pull over, was glad to see the sun shine on the other side phew!
Back to Ikawai where I helped cater for an evening function at Jan's cafe, an old school converted into a cafe, large garden of roses, home cooked meals, well worth a stop when travelling to Waimate via Ikawai. She is closed until 1st September.
Helped feed the wallabies at Enkledoovery Korna, such hard work giving them a handful of food and a pat. Wee Murphey (baby wallaby) comes in by the fire for some cuddles at night to get him friendly.
Went to Timaru shopping a couple of times. Flew home 23rd June to catch up with familyand friends and take Lisa and Nadia back for the school holidays.
Weather has been great a few frosts and a little bit of cold wind had 8 days of rain in the 4 months I have been here Love the south especially Waimate