July Saw me spending time with my Grandchildren

I took my two Granddaughters, Lisa and Nadia to the south Island, then Bradley joined us, then Stan and Janine came. I have left the details of the trip to the two girls this is there story:

Tuesday 1st July, We waved goodbye to mum and flew to Christchurch, the plane was neat and we got food and drink on the plane. We went to Gwen’s at Waimate, where she has a tame wallaby farm called Enkledoovey Korna and the next day we fed her wallabies, cows, calves, geese, chickens, roosters, possums, ponies & sheep and cuddled Murphy (a baby wallaby). She has a white parrot called Blackie, a ferret called Fonz and a tiny dog called sweet. We had breakfast in bed for 2 days. On Friday 4th July it snowed, we went to Kelsey’s Bush and it was snowing there, We met Keith and he let us feed the animals, donkey, wallabies, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and possums. We stayed the night there and it snowed again we had fun in the snow Keith made me (Nadia) a snowball and I made it bigger. When we left we didn’t get stuck in the snow but left tracks.

We went to the movies at Waimate and saw Kangaroo Jack with lots of Gran’s friends, after the movies we went to Jan’s place at Ikawai. The next day Sunday 6th we went to Jill’s and went sliding down the hill on their farm, with Craig, Beth, Rochelle, Zara, Megan, Tim and Peter, using a piece of plastic it was cool especially when Nadia went down on her tummy it was awesome and she slid for the longest time. Then we went to Elephant Hill to ring people. We saw the white horse on the hillside, which an elderly couple had made out of white stones.
We went back to Gwen’s and tasted her homemade black current juice it was yummy.
We went to Victoria Park and played on the playground. The next day we left Gwen’s at 11.ooam heading north to Timaru for Burger King. We saw the Pebbles bus on the road near Temuka; they come from Waihi in the North Island. There were saw some draught horse in a paddock, they help the owners on the farm. We saw lots of snowmen on the side of the road that people had made. We saw about six trains while we were travelling.
We stayed the night at the dog kennel place (POP place) at Christchurch. The next day we went to the movies and saw Daddy Day Care. Then we went to the airport and picked up Bradley. He had flown from Auckland by himself. We went to the camping ground at McLaines Island and stayed the night.

We went to the Antarctic centre, (see photos above) the snow was really cold only -5°C, we tried on the clothes they used to wear in the snow in the olden days and Nadia held the flag up. We had lunch at the lunch area and we got a special holiday lunch pack. We went on the Haggler, it was really bumpy, and we had to hold on really tight, we went through three metres of water and the Haggler floated, it also went over a Crevase. It was scary but fun. After, we went to the gondolas for a ride Gran was scared. We went into the time tunnel. We stayed at the Gondollas for the night.

We went to Hornby Mall and had breakfast at McDonalds. Then we caught a bus into Christchurch Town Square where we saw the town crier ring his bell and tell everyone what was going on. We saw Pat and John and talked. We rode the tram it was neat.
The next day we went looking for Pearl and Barry at Rakaia. We went and saw the miniture trains. We had chicken for dinner. We stayed at Gwen’s; it was cold so Gran heated up our hot water bottles. Bradley stayed in the trappers hut. We headed to Pleasasnt point to ride on a steam train, we were early so we went for a drive to Cave we saw a picture of a man and chicken fighting. We went back to the station and got our tickets, we got into the front carriage, and we went into the museum and saw some old cartoons and movies. We went to see the Richard Pearse Memorial Plane it was high up on a pole; we saw lots of pigs in a paddock and each pig had as triangular house. We went shopping at Pak’N’Save at Timaru and got some things for soup. We got to Gwen’s when it was dark and Gran made soup while Bradley helped Gwen with the sheep. We headed for Dunedin and on the way called in to see Barry Frew (Grampy’s brother) at Herbert. We went to Shag Point at saw 2 seals, we had lunch on the beach, and Gran took some photos. We went to a wild life sanctuary where we saw lots of seals. Thursday 17th July we headed for Christchurch Airport, on the way we showered and did some washing at Templeton. We picked up Mum and Dad and gave them a humungous hug. We went to Waimate and went out for tea at the Criterion Hotel they had lots of old photos on the wall, we had chicken nuggets and frog on a log for pudding, and we stayed at Gwen’s.
We showed Mum and Dad around the farm and fed the wallabies, chickens geese and sheep. We packed the bus and went to Waimate we showed Mum and Dad Waimate and they met Phillipa at the Information Centre, we got to Jan’s at Ikawai where we had some lunch and a play, we saw lots of dams including the Benmore Dam which we drove over, we got to Lake Tekapo and went to a fireworks display and then went Ice Skating outside at 8.30pm it was really fun and cool Mum had a really good time skating.
The next morning it was snowing and we went out in it where mum took our photo by a rock by Lake Tekapo. We drove in the snow then it went icy and then a little bit of rain. We stopped at Fairlie and had a pie, we stopped at Oamaru, but it was cold. We got to Hamden and stayed the night. Next day we went to Gwen’s for lunch and packed all our gear in the bus. Gwen took our photo and we all gave her a big hug, then we headed for Christchurch and stopped at Ashburton and had afternoon tea there. We stayed in a motel at Addington and went out for tea at McDonalds, after tea Mum and us girls went for a power walk down the street we had to cross with lights 4 times.
Today, Monday 21st July, is our last day in the South Island we got up and had breakfast and got packed, we went to the airport and took all our bags out of the bus. We had to have two trolleys and they were full. We put our bags through the check in place and mum got our tickets and Gran’s while she went and parked the bus. Dad gave us some money to play Time Out and we won some things. Gran came back in a taxi and we all went upstairs and Mum, Dad, Gran and Bradley had a Latte and we had a hot chocolate with frothy milk on top. Gran and Bradley went to go on their plane and Mum and Dad and Lisa and Nadia went and got on ours the scanner thing went buzz when Mum and Dad went through so they had to get scanned again by a man with a machine in his hand, they had to put there arms out. It was a watch and mum’s rings that made it go buzz. The plane was cool we got lunch and a drink and we saw lots of mountains with snow on them. When we landed Mum went and got the Van and we went and got our bags and went and found Bradley and Gran, then Mum came and got us all and we went home.
We had a really awesome, great holiday. Thank you so much Gran we love you heaps

The remainder of July saw me catching up with friends and family.