February I was off to Ashurst

Most of February I was at home at Thames
15th February I left Kaiaua at 4.00am heading for a Country & Western weekend at Ashurst.
I got toTatanui at 5.00am, Putararu at 6.00am, Wairaki at 7.00am where I had breakfast. I carried on arriving at Taihape where I had lunch and a stroll for an hour and a half. Purchased some yummy home baking from a marching gran's stall.
Carried on down and saw a block of about 4 paddocks of sunflowers in full bloom, an amazing sight, took a photo.
Arrived at Ashurst 1.00pm parked up at the soccer grounds, I was joined by 3 other vans, Had a lovley time then Friday morning we headed for the rally proper at the football grounds.
124 vans turned up. The weather was great, except for one heavy downpour, but this was needed, the hills were so brown. Had great
company, with singing and dancing.
We went for a trip to the wind farm. I offered to drive if the driver had problems. But was so glad that he managed as it was a narrow, windy, metal road. One corner had the farmer's post close to the road, so we made a square corner there.
Sunday after the meeting and raffle, some vans took off. Others were reluctant to leave, myself included. I travelled home via Hawkes Bay.
Got a call on my cell phone to say that my mother had passed away so I travelled straight on home, refueling at Wairaki and arriving home at 12.45am

My next trip is to the South Isaland I cross on the 2.00pm 6th March.