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August saw me in the North Island

21st July I parked Gypsy Granny up behind Christchurch Airport at the Kennel Club on McLean's Island to travel back with my family, cost $4 per week to park there, but $25 for the taxi to the airport. Wow this was a shock as I only had $5 in my pocket. Janine, Stan, Lisa and Nadia flew with Qantas, Bradley and I travelled Air NZ leaving 5 mins after them.
I was waiting for an appointment at Thames hospital; I finally got one and had an operation on my face. As I was home longer than expected I travelled a lot catching up on friends I had not seen for awhile. In the time I was in the north Island from 21st July - 6th September I covered 5500 km, the car has had a good run. I have been to Whangarei, Matamata. Walton where I stayed on a farm with Bill and Janet Wine, have not lost my touch with farming and I got a cow up that was cast. I visited Ralph's cousins at Te Awamutu, also stayed a night with Cass Sutton. I travelled to Tauranga three times.
I went on a Murphy's Bus trip to Taupo, had a great mid year Xmas Dinner on the Sunday night.
Went to the Chateau, a prawn farm, honey place, Huka Falls and saw the opening of the dam at the Aratiatia Rapids at 12.30. They sure are a great firm to travel with.

Went on a Freewheelers Safari to Keri Keri for daffodil pick for the cancer society at Daffodil World.
I am looking forward to travelling back south on the 6th September. Was lovely catching up with family and friends, might see you all again mid October or November.

My Trip to Rotorua With Gran: by Bradley Archer

Friday 22nd August Gran took Jacob and I to Rotorua. We got up at 5.00am and left heading to Rotorua, we had a long ride and I slept alot. When we arrived we checked the opening times of the Luge, then went and had breakfast at Mcdonalds, I had a Bacon & Egg McMuffin and Jacob had lots. There were two false vintage cars
hanging from the roof. We went to the Luge and going up to the Luge in the Gondola Gran was a little scared. It didn't help that I was saying " Look down there" and "Oh! look at that" When we finally got to the top Gran went to read her book while Jacob and I went on the Luge, we had eight rides each. A guy broke his ankle on the Luge, the ambulance came to take him and got stuck, he finally got out. Gran didn't ride because of her knee and face, but she had fun watching us. Later we checked into a motel and had lunch. Jacob and I went for a swim while Gran had a sleep, then we went to mini golf and played pool. Then we played air hockey and even Gran enjoyed a game of that, we told her she could fit a mini game of Air Hockey in her bus, fingers crossed. We went to the motel and had tea and went to bed it had been a fun, long day.
When we woke the next day it was time to leave so we had breakfast and a swim while Gran finished packing. We called on Uncle Eric who has had a stroke. We headed for Te Puke and the Kiwifruit place, we didnt have a tour but bought some
things. We went to Tauranga and went and saw Aunty Annie and talked for awhile, on the way home we stopped and saw 'Barry" a statue of a man reading the newspaper. From there we headed back to Thames, then on to home (Kaiaua). We had two fun filled days with Gran. She is wonderful.