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The Travels of Gypsy Granny and Tui

Hello all and welcome
Sit back and come with me on my journey as I travel parts of New Zealand

Here I am with my motorhome Gypsy Granny I will endeavour to add to this site as time and travels allow

How Gypsy Granny became part of Tui's life

After being widowed in August 2000, I decided that on the road is the way to live. Had a look at the Motorhome sale at the R.V Centre in Paeroa and found several likely homes, but first I had to sell some property. The points I took into consideration were :

After looking at other Motorhomes I decided that I really liked this one and the family agreed that it was a lovely motorhome, and it felt comfortable driving.
I shook hands and the Nissan Civillian was sold/bought. It was known as "Çookie"
and came from Mount Maunganui
I have taken family and friends from Himatangi to Hohora and places in between.
Have attended many enjoyable NZMCA rallies and now it is time for the South Island roam starting 4/3/2003

NOTE: December and January are now new updated pages

Last Updated 15/1/04