How to create a shed

26/10/13 - The East end of the property was really not a lot of use in it's original form

23/12/13 - Tidied up and gravel down for the temporary driveway

13/3/14 - Levelled out, Culvert in and framing started for the foundation

3/4/14 - The first of a great deal of concrete

24/4/14 - The slab is ready to take the new shed

28/4/14 - As soon as the lads can figure out how to put it together

29/4/14 - From chaos arises structure

2/5/14 - Actually quite a pretty structure at that

25/5/14 - Clad at last but sadly doorless

3/6/14 - Doors at last

7/6/14 - Secure and awaiting the next big load of concrete

11/6/14 - Much mucking about to get everything ready for the 50 odd cubic meters of concrete to come

16/6/14 - Finished and it only took 3 months.

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