Renovation - Stage 3

This project was much larger than the previous activities and will be extending both the top and bottom floors to the East and building a much larger deck.
We hoped to have it completed in April 2017 but it took until the end of August.
We started work in October by replacing the old retaining wall in front of the house while we waited for the building permit to be processed.

The North Wall - Not exactly the Eiger but it all helps

The House (BTC) Before The Carnage

18/11/2016 - Underway 1 week
Building Consent in hand - Removal of the front porch and foundation work has started. Digging out behind the defective basement wall is proving to be something of a challenge and will need to be cut back further than originally planned/expected.

9/12/2016 - Underway 4 weeks
The foundation is complete, internal retaining walls are in place and the steel for the external retaining wall foundation is under construction. Retaining walls are considerably bigger than originally intended due to the nature of the ground (wet and fragile) but the end result should be a much stronger structure protecting us from water ingreess in multiple levels.

23/12/2016 - Underway 6 weeks
External retaining walls are now complete and the internal concrete floor has been laid. The ground floor is now a good 100mm above ground level and should provide us with a dry basement for the first time. This is of particular importance as the innermost room is to be the library.

25/1/2017 - Underway 11 weeks (including the 3 week break over Christmas)
Lower floor framing largely complete and scaffolding in place to start work on the top floor

5/2/2017 - Underway 12 weeks
Top floor framing work is largely complete. Trusses have been measured and are under construction and should be going up shortly.

17/2/2017 - Underway 14 weeks
Trusses up, membrane on and most of the structure in the roof completed for the new kitchen and dining room

24/2/2017 - Underway 15 weeks
Additional groundwork complete and the carport pad is almost ready for concrete. There was a bit of fun with the drainage pipes as they were originally laid in the wrong place (under where the plans identified that piles would go) and so had to be relaid around the other groundwork. Annoying, as it should not have happened but you get that from time to time.

1/3/2017 - Underway 16 weeks
Carport concrete is in and the foundations for the deck are now in place. Sadly windows won't be available until the 24th still the boys have plenty of other work to get on with.

17/3/2017 - Underway 17 weeks
Carport pillars and joists are in place and the builders are now working on the stairs whilst waiting for the trusses to arrive. Now due on the 24th. Windows on the 27th.

9/4/2017 - Underway 20 weeks
Windows and all but the front door is now in place and all glazed. Roof is almost finished and the boys will be able to start exterior cladding as soon as the "pre-clad" inspection is completed early next week. The roofers will be finishing off the carport early next weeks as well.

26/4/2017 - Underway 22 weeks
Major activity this week has been putting on the weather boards and commencing the deck structure. The scaffolding is all gone now and the final exterior work is underway while the electrician and plumber are finishing the first fit work inside. Taking advantage of the good weather over the last couple of weeks has allowed a lot of the outside work to progress and the house is finally starting to look as if it might get finished.

13/5/2017 - Underway 24 weeks
Deck structure is now substantively complete, external cladding completed (minus a few tidy up details), most of the inside walls are insullated and the doors are starting to go in. Should have lining underway next week which makes the kitchen delivery scheduled for the 26th tight but still possible as long as we are speedy with plastering and painting. May have to defer but are trying not to.

18/6/2017 - Underway 31 weeks
Kwila decking is mostly down and Provista balustrade in place. over 6,500 decking screws so far and over 1000 to go.. Kitchen is well underway and we may be able to use it in a couple of weeks and so move back into the house from the shed! Can't rush these things we have only been without a kitchen for 13 weeks so far.

2/9/2017 - Underway 42 weeks
Complete except for painting the outside and a bit of tidying up

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