The story so far:

2-July-2016 - Approved concept plans for Architect and confirmed OK for her to start on developing detailed plans

10/05/16 - Confirmed builder is likely to be avaialble around September.

23/05/16 - Confirmed Architect who is checking preferred timeframes (so can build in summer) are feasible

24/05/16 - Architect confirmed could work with new timeframe and agreed to come and perform site measurements at 1:30 on 1/6/2016

1/06/16 - Architect on-site measure up and contract clarification.

8/06/16 - Signed contract with architect

17/06/16 - Received initial concept plan from Architect

20/06/16 - Recieved Water tank quote

25/06/16 - Met with Greg of Solar Works Limited regarding hot water heating options

27/06/16 - Received revised concept plan from Architect

30/06/16 - Received final concept plan from Architect

2/07/16 - Approved Concept Plans and paid Concept Plan invoice

5/07/16 - Received quote for solar hotwater system from Solar Works Limited

11/07/16 - Received preliminary Developed Design from Architect

18/07/16 - And so it starts, called by builder and he is not able to do the job after all. Frantic scurry now on to identify a builder who can start in the required timeframe (to ensure period when the house is open to the weather is during the height of summer).

18/07/16 - Met with Katharine of Harvey Normal (Commercial) to arrange quote for Kitchen Appliances

20/07/16 - Engineer and Architect on site to review plans and requirements

20/07/16 - Surveyor (Jeff) from Landlink on site to clarify required levels

21/07/16 - Quote received from Harvey Normal Commercial)

29/07/16 - Two probables and 1 possible builder arranged, visited and are away preparing estimates.

29/07/16 - Met with Sharon of Mico Bathrooms to arrange quote for Bathroom fittings

29/07/16 - Quote received from Mico Bathrooms

1/08/16 - Received detailed survey plans from Landlink

1/08/16 - Received updated Developed Design from Architect

1/08/16 - Accepted Engineering quote

10/08/16 - Accepted Harvey Norman (Commercial) quote for kitchen appliances

10/08/16 - Received estimate from first prospective builder

15/08/16 - Received updated bathroom fitting quotes

16/08/16 - Received updated Developed plan. Please find attached the developed design plans

19/08/16 - Second propsective builder visited to discuss proposal

26/08/16 - Received refined estimate from first proposed builder

5/09/16 - Visited Nulock to discuss double glazing requiremnts and requested quote

6/09/16 - Visited High Performance Windows to discuss double glazing requiremnts and requested quote

8/09/16 - Obtained quotation, PS1 and brochure for double glazing from nulock

12/09/16 - Second propsective builder dropped in quote

12/09/16 - Checked builders's references. All positive

14/09/16 - Selected builder advised by email he has been selected as our builder

17/09/16 - Accepted plumbing quote - Confirmed delivery schedule

19/09/16 - Engineer confirmed a replacement retaining wall can be constructed without a Building Consent as the wall is under 1500mm high and not carrying a surcharge.

18/09/16 - Received quote for solar hot water heater (250 Litre 560 x 1725 Coil & Solar Direct 250SCB Solar Ready and Solar or Wetback Coil

20/09/16 - Met with ZIP Plumbing to go through the full order and confirmed all item specifics

21/09/16 - Copnfirmed builder has supplied a PS1 for the trusses to the Achitect

21/09/16 - Engineer asked to explain plan proposed with piles 2.6m long, 200mm diameter set in 02.5 cubic meter of concrete at 900mm centres for a wall at times only 100mm high.

21/09/16 - Engineer agreed to revise design

23/09/16 - Met with Flooring Xtra to discuss flooring requiremements. Supplied plan and requirements and he will provide a quote

26/09/16 - Agreed with Architect to remove ramp to deck (required 1 in 12 grade made it way too long)

26/09/16 - Agreed with Architect to replace acrylic shower liner with tiles due to issues sealing the liner to the floor

27/09/16 - Builder on site to install acrow prop under a dodgy the beam in the basement temporarily so the house doesn't fall down before the renovation starts

27/09/16 - New quote from ZIP with shower liner removed

3/10/16 - Started work on replacing the existing retaining wall on the North of the house. Not a biggie and it is below 0.9 m so no permnit is required but still a bit of work and disruption to what will be the build area and so good to get done early.

6/10/16 - Sent final plans by Architect who has finally received the information she needs from the Engineer. All ready for applying for building permit next week.

8/10/16 - Sent comments to Architect on final plans. Nothing major so application can go in as planned. All being well and based on KCDC being efficient, which they usually seem to be, we could be starting building on the 14th Nov.

6/10/16 - Confirmed glazing and doors with HPW. Paid 10% deposit.

6/10/16 - Final Design complete. Architect intends to submit it on Tuesday [11/11/2016]

7/10/16 - Confirmed accepted plan as proposed by architect

9/10/16 - Received Solar system specifications from supplier

11/10/16 - Building Consent application lodged with KCDC - Based on past performance we expect it to be ready on the 11th Nov.

19/10/16 - North retaining wall completed - Now ready for construction to start.

3/11/16 - Received updated kitchen plan from Kitchen Creators.

11/11/16 - Picked up building consent as scheduled - No conditions or compliance schedule - We are good to go!

11/11/16 - Requested quote for carpet from Carpet Court

14/11/16 - First Site meeting with builder - Started de-construction.

14/11/16 - Confirmed full plumbing order with Zip Kapiti for products to be on site asap for builder

16/11/16 - Recieved quote for carpet and second quote for kitchen joinery. All major costs now known (for flexible values of "known")

18/11/16 - End of week one: Porch demolished, excavation largely complete, concrete support structures cast in place. We now have a shiny Portaloo and waste bin on the property, hopefully the rain will let up some time soon.

25/11/16 - End of week two: Foundation for the under house retaining wall is complete. Block layer scheduled for next week.

30/11/16 - Oh Joy, the sewer line is capped off for the foundation work so no loo, shower or functioning sinks in the house. Regular trips to the van and the portaloo on the driveway are now the only option.

2/12/16 - End of week three: Foundation for the bottom floor is complete.

5/12/16 - We have replaced our engineer due to ongoing communication and quality issues. The builder has previously worked with the new (local) engineer and is very happy about the change.

6/12/16 - First block retaining wall (7m long x 1.5m high) completed, Bottom floor foundation poured and boxing removed and the boys are on to the remaining foundatiuon boxing.

7/12/16 - Hope to have the sewer line reconnected by the end of the week. We will see.

8/12/16 - Sewer line has been reconnected - showers and loo available in the house again.

9/12/16 - End of week four: Internal retaining wall is complete, filled and sealed. All in-ground plumbing is in place. Steel for the remaining retaining wall is complete ready for concrete pour on Monday.

16/12/16 - End of week five: Remaining retaining wall concrete in and the block layer underway. Final floor slab to be prepared for a pour next week.

22/12/16 - Met the new engineer on site. Quite a different proposition to the previous one. Much more pragmatic, reasonable and sensible.

23/12/16 - End of week six: Christmas break for the next 3 weeks. Final concrete pour for the foundation slab and retaining walls is complete and the first structural wall to handle the load once the steel beam is removed has been built.

20/1/17 - End of week Ten: Christmas break over. Construction well underway with retaining walls back filled and bottom floor framing up. Large 200kg steel beam under the house removed with no trouble. It has become clear that the original engineers plans for foundations for the top floor are impractical due to terrain and will need to be re-done by someone who is more realistic. The builder is having some difficulties with the plans which are unclear in a number of areas and so there has needed to be a degree of flexibility regarding what actually gets built. The builder is doing a good job considering and things are progressing well.

27/1/17 - End of week Eleven: Top floor panels are now in place and the top floor framing is underway. Fair amount of rain so the boys are also starting to open the walls downstairs for the new windows and door.

3/2/17 - End of week Twelve: Top floor framing is now complete as is the floor for the entrance. A large amount of rain has been falling and the top floor (open to the sky) is saturated and the water has started to come into the existing dining room. The builders ahd to come back in the evening and drill some 3cm holes in the newly installed floor. Not a good thing but the only option and the floor is now draining but we need to keeping sweeping the excess water off and the scafolding legs have been undermined by the water carrying the backfilling sand away. We have cut a drainage channel across the drive to direct as much water away as possible. The builders are beginning to realise that when we emphasised that it rains a lot here, we really meant it.

10/2/17 - End of week Thirteen: Top floor framing is now complete as is the floor for the entrance. A large amount of rain has been falling and the top floor (open to the sky) is saturated and the water has started to come into the existing dining room. The builders ahd to come back in the evening and drill some 3cm holes in the newly installed floor. Not a good thing but the only option and the floor is now draining but we need to keeping sweeping the excess water off and the scafolding legs have been undermined by the water carrying the backfilling sand away. We have cut a drainage channel across the drive to direct as much water away as possible. The builders are beginning to realise that when we emphasised that it rains a lot here, we really meant it.

17/2/17 - End of week Fourteen: HPW has been on site to measure up for the windows and doors. Chap seems to know what he is doing.More framing done and the ground work for the carpad is underway.

24/2/17 - End of week Fifteen: Almost ready for the carport pour. Final post holes have been dug and framed up for support structure for the veranda and deck. Steelwork well under way.

3/3/17 - End of week Sixteen: What should be the last of the major concrete pours completed. Rest of the main roof work now underway to complete framing so roofer can come in an replace the iron.

10/3/17 - End of week Seventeen: Now we are waiting for the posts for the carport to be made and the boys are working the week elsewhere whilst waiting. Yet another delay, directly attributable to lack of planning. I have decided to take a more hands-on approachh to managing the schedule=ing for them ongoing to see what can be done to speed things up.

17/3/17 - End of week Eighteen: Carport roof framing is now in place but we are now waiting for the posts for the veranda to be made (they were promised by the builder to be ready this week) and the trusses for the carport (they were also promised by the builder for this week but subsequent conversation with the supplier suggests that he had not been given any such timeframe). The builders are getting the stairs in and will be flat out putting up the trusses and the remaining roof framing next week. Windows and doors are due to arrive on the 27th and from that point we will have (as in have been promised) 4 builders on site to accellerate the work still around 2 months away. At this stage we are not best pleased with the reliability of the scheduling provided by the builder. Quality is OK but the organisation could do with some work.

24/3/17 - End of week Nineteen: The posts for the veranda are in place and construction of the veranda roof has started. The block layer has started to fill in the remaining gaps in the downstairs walls and the boys are stripping out the remaining lining.

31/3/17 - End of week Twenty: 4 chippies now working on site and we have a roof finally (a few sheets left to do on the car port but the rest of the house is now rain proof at last). Windows joinery is now on-site and they will go in next week. We have had the measure up for the kitchen joinery and that is now about 5 weeks away. It is beginning to look like we may actually get this renovation finished.

7/4/17 - End of week Twenty One: Major progress and we have a roof (allbeit without the carport completed and a bit of tiding up to do) but we are mostly watertight. All windows and doors are in and glazed with the exception of the front door due next week. I am starting to run my wiring (speakers, LAN, control, satellite cables etc) and the plumber has started in the bathroom. Electrician can start as soon as the exterior cladding is on which will be starting next weeks as soon as the KCDC "Pre-Clad" inspection is passed. Finally we are(mostly) dry inside now and are in the "finishing off" stage of the project (the 10% that takes 90% of the time).

12/5/17 - End of week Twenty six: Almost all exterior work is complete (still some nigling items which are taking forever to resolve) but the house is secure and weather tight at last. Final work inside is underway with insulation mostly in and lining to start (with any luck) next week. The builders will be out by the endo fthe month, hopefully with all of the builder work finished. If not we will finish of ourselves, as we are for the deck laying. The decking is on site (1.2km of Kwila) and with Lynley's cousin Georges help we should have that down in about a week and a half.

24/5/17 - End of week Twenty Eight: Post-Line Inspection PASSed and the builders are gone. We will finish the rest ourselves as we are tired of pouring money into the builder's prockets for increasingly limited return.

16/6/17 - End of week Thirty One: With Lynley's Cousin George's help (See HIREAWORKMAN.CO.NZ) we have rectified defects and laid most of the kwila decking, deck balustrades are in place, plastering is complete, painting is underway, the kitchen units are in and the granite benchtops are in place.

29/8/17 - End of week Forty Two: Carpet has been laid downstairs and the renovation is officially completed as the entire house is now usable. Some decoration and outside painting to be completed but we are ready to apply for a code of compliance certificate from the Council.

5/12/17 - End of Project: The Final Kapiti Coast District Council inspection has been passed.

16/12/17 - Bookshelves installed in the library, Library shelves loaded, all books unpacked. We have fully moved in.

21/12/17 - Sent documents required to KCDC and requested Code Compliance Certificate

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