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This is the home page of the Preston family, created to provide a simple external access point to some of our areas of interest and allow managed sharing of progress on our current projects.

The River House

View from the house - Or - Why we bought the place
View from the deck
Kereru's favourite perch Sunset on the hills across the river

Rennovation - Stage 3

Having finished building the driveway, shed, house tidy up and area for the glass house and having completely lost our senses we are starting another renovation of our little country retreat.
The renovation process has been lurching along with the Engineer taking longer than planned to complete his work.. Once more into the breach. A new renovation starts (hopefully) in early November

House Upgrade
This is how we started - Click image to see progress as it occurs


Access to the property has been a bit of an issue as the current drive was quite steep and occupied the area we needed to build the new shed. Consequently we opened up what was the original access, starting with an arborist taking down a couple of very large trees which were damaging the overhead power lines. Then down came a couple of fence panels and a few minutes with a digger and a truck load of hard fill and bob's your uncle, access becomes much simpler.

Driveway Upgrade
Click image to see the history

The New Shed

The 3 bay "American style Barn" to house the Van and our workshops will be a welcome addition The original location on the East of the property was not really much use for anything but covers quite a lot of the building platform space available on the property given Council restrictions

Shed Construction
Click image to see the history

Garden Sheds

The new big shed did not have enough space for the garden tools and was not sensible to use to store firewood so more construction was required

First the Garden / Potting shed
Garden Shed location Garden Shed in progress
Then the Wood Shed
Wood Shed location Wood Shed in progress


The KCDC culvert which runs under the road used to dump directly onto our property which was problematic in heavy rain. Initially the Council culvert under the road just opened onto our place and water flowed through an open ditch and a small pipe under the driveway leaving a largish area of our limited flat land unavailable for use. We decided to sort this for good and had a large pipe (450mm) laid under the entire 18m of the flat section of the property. We also had a "dish" formed from concrete on the top to take overflow and driveway water as it does rain quite hard at times up the Gorge in winter. Unfortunately the road end is on road reserve so the water comes out of the council pipe, over the ground through the road reserve and into a grating to enter our pipe. Still very tidy now and should last us out. Overriding philosophy for this renovation: Do it once, do it right.

Culvert_0 Culvert_5


The Garden had suffered from neglect and so the great deforestation began

Lower_lawn_1 Lower_lawn_2

Main Path 1 Main Path 2

Chicken area 1 Chicken area 2

Room For Visitors

There is now plenty of room for visitors


Including staying the Knight

Knight And fighting off the animals Thor Dog of Slumber

Temperature Trends

Last 21 Months



Our current motorhome (replacing our Bedford bus in early 2012) is a 20 year old Mitsubishi Canter within which we wander around New Zealand, often with the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association.


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