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At Midnight on Thursday 28th Jan 1988, Fifeshire FM became New Zealand’s 8th private FM radio station to begin broadcasting. A dream that finally came true for Fifeshire founder Kevin Ihaia. The first song that was played as with all the previous AM broadcasts was the Rolling Stones, Start me up. To promote the launch to FM, Radio Fifeshire had organised Nelsons biggest outdoor concert. Australian bands Icehouse and Boom Crash Opera along with Nelson-born Sharon O’Neill preformed in front of a crowd of 9000 people at Trafalgar Park.

Fifeshire 93 FM in the 1st hour of FM Broadcast

18th April 88: Butch Bradley and Alison Audrey start the new Fifeshire Breakfast show.

22nd April 88: The first radio survey results came out, showing such a close result that both Radio Fifeshire and Radio Nelson claimed to be the province’s number one radio station.

The on-air line up in August 1988 were: 6am – 10am, Butch & Alison.
10am – 2pm, Alan Columbus.
2pm – 7pm, Jon Diamond.
7pm – 12pm, Steve Schimanski
12pm – 6am, Trainee staff


7th October 1988: The Nelson Provincial Arts Council award’s Fifeshire House with the “Good Design Award”.

25th May 1989: Again both Radio Fifeshire and Radio Nelson claim victories in the latest radio survey.

2nd to 29th April 1990: A 4 week temporary relay broadcast of Fifeshire into Golden Bay on a frequency of 96.6FM from a transmitter on Mount Campbell.

18th July 1990: Butch Bradley leaves Fifeshire to head to Wellington and work on Wellingtons newest radio station, Greater Wellington FM. (He would later return).

24th May 1990: Another radio survey shows another even result.

1992: Fifeshire gets the go ahead to Broadcast into Buller and Murchison.

23rd March 1992: Murchison welcomes the launch of Fifeshire into there town on 94.1FM from Mt Murchison. Lesley McIntyre and Alan Columbus “The Toast of the Town” broadcasted live from a tent on Fairfax St.

19th October 1992: Longest serving DJ on Fifeshire, Jon Diamond passed away.

1993: The Fifeshire Foundation is set up as a charitable trust.

1st May 1993: Golden Bay listeners can now tune into Fifeshire broadcasting full time on a frequency of 98.4FM

1993: Sounds FM in Blenheim link in with the Fifeshire night show called “Over the Hill/Top” to have a Top of the South radio show.

1994: Fifeshire Classic begins broadcasting on 98.6FM

June 1994: Butch Bradley returns to Fifeshire as Operations Manager

June 1995: Kent Robertson joins Fifeshire and Alan Columbus on the breakfast show.

1996: Breakfast show wins top honour at the radio awards

10th May 1997: Kent Robertson & Al Columbus win “Best On Air Team” at this years radio awards- Fifeshire also wins Provincial Station of the Year.

1998: Radio Otago buys out Fifeshire

28th January 1998: A two hour special show hosted by Butch Bradley and Kevin Ihaia to celebrate 10 years on FM.

July 1998: Kevin Ihaia falls out with the new owners and leaves Fifeshire for good.

13th July 1998: Radio Fifeshire stops transmitting into Greymouth

1999: Radio Otago Network joins RadioWorks

1st November 1999: Fifeshire Classic gets replaced by Solid Gold FM.

March 2000: Butch Bradley leaves Fifeshire and becomes breakfast host with Phil Hawes on The Planet 97FM. Another station founded by Kevin Ihaia.

10th May 2003: Fifeshire wins Provincial “Station of the Year” at this years radio awards

23rd September 2004: Kevin Ihaia dies in his 51st year.

1st May 2004: The Planet 97FM becomes ZMFM.

17th Dec 2004: This date brings an end to the radio station named Fifeshire, and an end to a part of Nelson history. Fifeshire FM gets renamed MORE FM.

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The Fifeshire Crew
Fifeshire House

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