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Some history on Nelson's Radio Fifeshire. Original sound recordings can be downloaded to hear some historic Fifeshire moments, All these recordings were recorded about 40kms away from Fifeshire's transmitter so there is some fading and background noise. In all Fifeshire got 6 short term Summer Broadcast warrants between the years 1983 to 1988.

Radio Fifeshire 990 AM Test Broadcast

1982: Back in 1982 two people by the names of Kevin Ihaia and Digby Lawley lodged an application with the Broadcasting Tribunal to operate a short term radio station for the four weeks of January 1983.

1983: For 28 days Fifeshire broadcast from the upstairs studios above the now demolished 2nd hand shop at the traffic lights in Richmond. The frequency used was AM 855 Khz.

1983-84: This was the 2nd summer of Radio Fifeshire, This short term licence was the longest Fifeshire had over their AM broadcast years with 46 days on air. This time operating from studios at 23 Halifax St, Nelson. On a frequency of AM 990 Khz. News on the hour from 6am - 6pm came from Christchurchs, Radio Avon.

1984-85: Went to air at midnight 15th Dec 1984 for a period of 5 weeks, on a frequency of AM 990 Khz. Listen to a test transmission done by Jon Diamond HERE , Listen to the beginning of this years broadcast hosted by Jon Diamond HERE , Announcement leading into New Orders, Blue Monday HERE.

1985-86: Went on air at midnight 14th Dec 1985 for a period of 6 weeks and finishing on Sunday Jan 26th 1986, on a frequency of AM 990 Khz. Listen to the beginning of this years broadcast hosted by Iain Bell HERE..

1986-87: When on air at midnight 7th Dec 1986 but had to be commercial-free for the first week, till 25th Jan 1987 on a frequency of AM 990 Khz. Listen to the beginning of this years broadcast hosted by Keith Richardson HERE, Shout outs from Kevin Ihaia HERE, End of this years broadcast by Iain Bell HERE.

1987-88: Went on air at midnight 12th Dec 1987 till midnight 29th Jan 1988, on a frequency of AM 990 Khz. Now operating from new studios in Trafalgar Square, Nelson. This was to be the final short term AM broadcast before going FM. Listen to a test transmisson HERE. Listen to the beginning of this years broadcast hosted by Dave Yates HERE.

1988: AIt took 3 years of waiting for the Broadcasting Tribunal to make a decision on an FM warrant for Nelson, but on June 20th 1987 it was announced that Fifeshire would be broadcasting on FM stereo within six months, on the condition that they also start relaying BCNZ Concert Program within 3 years. Then on July 2nd 1987 the BCNZ lodged an appeal to the High Court in Wellington against the decision to give Fifeshire an FM warrant, they had also been trying to get a warrant to bring ZMFM to Nelson, this appeal would delay Fifeshire from hitting the FM airways that year. Then on 27th Aug 87 the BCNZ withdrew the appeal thus giving Fifeshire the all clear to set up an FM station. A start date of 28th Jan 1988 was set, As part of the station launch there was a big concert at Nelsons Trafalgar Park featuring Icehouse, and former Nelson singer Sharon O'Neill.

DJ's that worked on Fifeshire included: Iain Bell, John Campbell, Dave Yates, Jon Diamond (JD), Trevor Plant, Richard Pollard, Keith Richardson, Karen Hay, Bryan Staff, Mary Lambie..

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