Steeleye Span

Last modified:
9 Apr 2017

This is a page dedicated to my favourite band, Steeleye Span.

I have been a fan of Steeleye Span ever since I attended a magical concert they did back in 1975. Since that time I've followed their fortunes, bought the records, (and tapes, and CDs) and above all, enjoyed the music.

If you have any comments, send me email at Contributions also gratefully accepted, such as details on albums and singles missing from my discography.


Town Crier


21 May 2014

Steeleye Span now have an official website for news and tour dates at


NOTE: Since the 'nz' in the address of the page you are reading now stands for New Zealand, you can understand that I'm a little removed from the main action. (And if you've no idea where New Zealand is, check out the pages, and the Wikipedia entry)