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St. Mary's

There's a Church in the valley,
with a grave yard beyond.
It's surrounded with Beauty
and the birds joyful song.

There's a river flows by it
on it's way to the sea,
Adding sweet music
to the rustling trees.

I feel so at home here
where my ancestors lay,
And some day I to
May come home to stay.

I'll Join all my kin
beneath this green Sod,
on this hill side in Yorkshire
Consecrated to God.

sketch by_Geoffrey Coning, B.E.M._poem by_Harry Murgatroyd__

A collection of the pictures used on the other pages.

Distant view of the Murgatroyd Moor site
Highroad Well Moor with Hollins Wood in the center. The top of the present house is just visible in the upper woods below the white house on the moor. The road to Warley (2 miles) follows the tree line to the right.
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James (d.1654) Table Tomb in the Luddenden church yard.
James Murgatroyd (d.1643) occupies pole position in the church yard with this table tomb at the Luddenden church. The family had a pew and contributed considerably to the church.
The rear of the church and the cemetary.
The graveyard of the church at Luddenden. A beautiful peaceful spot and final resting place of many Murgatroyds.
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Hebden Bridge - a link to Murgatroyd
The old packhorse bridge in Hebden town...still in use today. On the old route from Lancaster to Halifax. William M (1508) contributed to its construction costs.
Plunge pool at  Murgatroyd
The plunge pool at the 'Murgatroyd' house site today. Probably it was part of the 1632 house.
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Murgatroyd House date stone
The builders record at 'Murgatroyd'...'1632 IMºMM' in the wall of the billiard room at the present house.
The masons mark
The masons mark at 'Murgatroyd'..similar marks found at other houses.
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Kershaw House, Luddenden.
Kershaw house at Luddenden...rebuilt in 1650 for Thomas, son of James.
East Riddlesden Hall
East Riddlesden Hall...a gentlemans farming property. Now in the ownership of The National Trust...can be visited nr. Keighley
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The Starkie wing.
The Starkie wing from the front...some Riddlesden ducks in the foreground.
East Riddlesden's garden
The rear enclosed garden.. a place of peace.
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A Royal Head


Some armaments
The ornamental cannon in the present house at Hollins Wood. A reminder of the Battle of the Hollins in 1643?
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The Table tomb.
The Table Tomb besides the church...the disrepair is may not last much longer.
The Mill Dam.
The river runs through the Luddenden churchyard and just over the wall from the table tomb is this dam for the Warley mill.
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