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William Bottomley Murgatroyd

Bill Murgatroyd, late of St Albans had extensively researched the family name in conjunction with his late uncle, John B Murgatroyd (JB).

With his skills as a solicitor Bill has examined the legal records back to the 16th century and found many interesting litigations involving the Murgatroyds.

From good family records Bill and JB have been able to substantiate their ancestry back to the pedigree line.

Unfortunately he was unable to finish Volume two of "The Murgatroyds of Murgatroyd", volumes one and three having been produced. These are private books but Bill has kindly placed a copy of Volume one in the National trust property at East Riddlesden Hall near Keighley and at the Calderdale Reference Library at Halifax for those who are interested.

Bill died in 2001 and the world lost another colourful Yorkshire Gentleman.

As entered in the 'Who's who of town and county councils' 1961

MURGATROYD, William Bottomley, Solicitor (Hons.);

b 1913, md one s , one d.; Town Clerk, Hornsey B.C.; prev Town Clerk, St. Albans City and Dep. Town Clerk, Paddington M.B.C.; formerly with St. Helens C.B.; Mem. Libraries, Art Gallerics & Museums Comm., A.M.C Lieut.-Col., Judge Advocate General's Branch, 1940-46. Rcc. Golf Off. Add. Town Hall, Hornsey, N.8; tel. Mountview 3220.


John Blackburn Murgatroyd (1903 - 1986)

John B. Murgatroyd, born at Holly Bank, Yorkshire in 1903 was educated at Bradford Grammar School. He obtained two schollarships which enabled him to attend New College Oxford and in 1924 was rewarded with an Honours degree in Natural Sciences.

After more research work at Oxford he joined the ICI and became Director of Research at British Hartford Fairmont Ltd. In 1933 he moved to Rockware Glass Co. and eventually became Managing Director, from whence he retired in 1966. Following his wifes death in 1971 JB became Director and company 'doctor' to two companies and was active in youth welfare work.

He is known in the glass bottle manufacturing industry for his developement of the "Murgatroyd Belt" - a reshaping of the bottom half inch of a cylindrical bottle that prevents the bruising that can lead to excessive breakage when subject to thermal shock.

Some of a number of tributes paid to "JBM" on his retirement in 1966 - ;

"During his long service with the Associated companies he has been responsible for the work of many individuals. His example, patience and advice have helped and encouraged his staff, colleagues and associates in the Rockware Group and the wider scientific, technical and administrative fields with which he has been concerned."

" For several years he has disguised an essentially objective and youthful outlook under a crop of white hair. This attitude, together with a little native Yorkshire caution and general good humour, have helped him and others to meet and overcome many difficulties."

" JBM " has always worked on what he calls the simple principle that the main effort required in solving problems should be directed to stating in exact and accurate detail the nature of any problem. If this is done and the facts established the solution he claims, however attractive or painful, is almost always clearly exposed."

Reference Material

A number of documents contain references to early Murgatroyds. Most are local publications and help should be sought from the Halifax Antiquarian Society if access to them is needed.

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Wainstalls some History

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Society Papers:-

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