The Murgatroyd's - The story of a founding Yorkshire family.

On a moorland hillside south of Halifax in Yorkshire the name Murgatroyd was used by a tribal group in the 14th century. There had always been people living on this land, Roman coins have been found and the steep sided valley below the hill was reputed to be the home of Ludd, a Nordic chieftain. When the Anglosaxons conquered the land who knows what skirmishes were organised from here to harry the invaders. The group living here then, in the 15th century when records start, would probably include ancestry from all the previous occupiers of the nearby lands and would have been farmers and weavers.  In the 17th century Puritanism became the popular religion of the area although a lot of Murgatroyds can be also found in Church of England parish records.
The story of a founding
    Yorkshire family

Old Coat of Arms
   found on the
   Table Tomb
        An English (Yorkshire) surname derived from the place of residence. In 1371 the records show that a Johanus de Morgateroyde was appointed the chief constable of Warley.
       The surname was derived from the area where the clan lived;  moor-gate-royd. Literally, the clearing by the way to the moor. There are many variations on the spelling, Murgittroyd, Morgatroyd and Margetroyd being the commonest.
      I am indebted to the late
Bill (W.B.) Murgatroyd, solicitor, one time town clerk and honoured citizen of St.Albans for kind permission to use extracts from his private book "The Murgatroyds of Murgatroyd, Volume One" for this genealogy.
...Rod Murgatroyd
The Constable of Warley.. in 1371 we find the first recorded use of the name
Early Families..
how the family grew in the 15th and 16th centuries
Great Wealth and misfortunes..
it can be said "they never had it so good"
James the Builder..
  his accomplishments and
the houses that he built
The Warley Corn Mill..
income (and problems) for 500 years from the 14th century
East Riddlesden Hall..
a Manor for a wealthy
clothier but not in the time of Cromwell
The Coats of Arms..
Ancient Arms of the House, and later, Michael of 1583 and Clifford of 1962
The Battle of the Hollins..
in which 'Murgatroyd' was lost to the Roundheads in 1643
The Family Tree..
the pedigree line as we can
configure it today
some records from chancery of the many legal battles of the family
Picture Gallery..
the collected pictures from the other pages
credits, tributes, publications and references.
The First Constable
Early Families
Great Wealth
The House Builder
The Warley Mill
East Riddlesden Hall
The Coats of Arms
The Hollins Battle
The Family Tree
Picture Gallery
The Appendix
My electronics and NZ120 Railways galleries
List of the New Zealand Murgatroyds
Fix it information and build lists for NMRA Scale Rails
The Railway and Locomotive Society
A look at my model aircraft motors
An occaisional Global warming blog,
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