About this Website

I started this web site because it was a quick way to direct information for questions about the set-up on my computer. Also a desire to learn the basics of HTML programming.

My first call was a tutorial at this web site.  

Then I found this user friendly web site,     "Geekgirl's", which is well worth a visit.

Jennifer Kyrnin has an excellent web site.   

 Everything you need, from beginners to advanced tutorials, HTML guides, Web design help and free web templates.

Another web site for learners. Tutorials Point

Tutorials point is very good for beginners. It provides basic stuff in simple English. Often developers refer to check syntax and basic methods of some API classes.

If you already know the basic stuff you don't find it interesting, but if you are just starting then you feel it awesome.

It's great for brushing up the forgotten stuff. And the important thing about it is that you can learn any language or technology in few hours. They provide full code for examples, which is very helpful.

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