Firewall Programs

What is a firewall?  Firewall software is different from and complementary to anti-virus software. Where anti-virus software checks for viruses attached to emails, web pages and other files you download, firewall software blocks hackers trying to gain entry to your machine. It checks all data that passes in and out, and if this data does not comply with a set of rules, the transfer is blocked. It can even make your computer less vulnerable to attack in the first place, by disguising the communication ports in your computer.

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These digital spies crawl into your PC without your knowledge when you receive email, visit websites or download a file. Once they’re in, they can: Steal your passwords and credit card numbers Slow down or crash your PC Overload your computer with pop-up ads Hack into your computer files Record your every keystroke. More

Comodo Free Firewall

It's Free. Forever. No Catch. No Kidding

The Award-Winning Comodo Firewall
A complete, easy to manage and effective barrier that keeps hackers out and personal information in.

  • PC Magazine Online's Editor's Choice
  • Secures against internal and external attacks
  • Blocks internet access to malicious Trojan programs
  • Safeguards your Personal data against theft
  • Delivers total end-point security for Personal Computers and Networks
  • Not compatible with Windows 9x systems

    Online Armor

    Solid protection, many advanced automatic features, and doesn’t prompt and pester you constantly.
    Uses a unique combination of behaviour analysis. Most decisions are made completely automatically based on Online Armor's whitelist.
    No advertisements, no time limitations and no nag screens!


    Sandboxing prevents garbage from being written permanently to your disk, or any other attached media, without your knowledge.
    In fact, SandBoxie requires you to manually accept what it calls file recovery to move downloads or other files created in the sandbox to standard storage.

    Sygate Personal Firewall

    ... Easiest-to-use PC firewall for personal/home use.

    Anitum Outpost Firewall Web Site .