VH-Man2html, UNIX man page to html converter

This page is no longer being maintained. VH-Man2html has been folded into the Linux man-1.4* and man-1.5 packages by Andries Brouwer (aeb@cwi.nl). The current version is usually found in http://ftp.win.tue.nl:/pub/linux/util/man

Richard Verhoeven (rcb5@win.tue.nl) wrote a very good heuristic-based man to html converter. I've enhanced Richard's man2html so that it can also handle BSD mandoc-style man pages. I've also written some scripts to front-end man2html. They are designed to work with the man related commands and makewhatis info from Caldera/Redhat Linux. They generate indexes and perform searchs. The Indexes are generated on demand and update themselves when necessary. The indexes are ordered alphabetically with an A,B,C,... quick-link header and divided into man sections with section cross-links.

What does the resulting HTML look like? Here's a sample page for telnet(1)

I've called my enhanced version of man2html, vh-man2html to distinguish it from both Richard's orginal and the many other scripts and programs of the same name. The V standing for Verhoeven's man2html, and the H for Hamilton's enhancements and packaging.

The March 1997 Linux Journal includes my article on vh-man2html. If you're interested in more details of how it came about, and a summary of how it works, please see the article.

Several man to html convertors exist. I've looked at two:

VH-Man2html privides the following functionality:


Christoph Lameter (clameter@waterf.org) has put a version of vh-man2html into Debian Linux. His version is modified to work with man 2.3.

While working on man2html, I made some improvements to makewhatis that reduces its run time from 30 minutes to about 1.5 minutes on my 486DX2/66. It is now available as part of man-1.4g.tar.gz: at


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