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TkCD Audio CD Player

TkCD is a GUI CD player interface I developed for the Linux operating system. TkCD 1.0 is actually a Tk/Tcl front end for CDplayer 2.0 by Mark Buckaway (mark @datasoft.com). Currently CDplayer 2.0 works on Linux and Coherent, but should be portable to any system supporting Sun CDROM ioctl. TkCD was developed using Tk/Tcl (an embeddable scripting language and GUItoolset). The entire application is available via anonymous ftp from sunsite.unc.edu where it resides in /pub/Linux/apps/sound/cdrom as part of the CDplayer-2.0 distribution.

TkCD needs a small patch to work with tcl 7.4. Just apply it to your installed tkcd script:

	cd  to-where-tkcd-lives
	patch < patch-file-name

If you are thinking of obtaining TkCD you might like to preview the TkCD interface before you consider ftp'ing it.(13373 byte gif).

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