Jcd, a Java-AWT audio CD player

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Jcd was an experiment to see if Java could be used for something more than simple applets. I chose to write a CD player because it required: interfacing to C, controlling hardware, threads, file IO, sockets, text parsing, image manipulation, data entry, graphical user interfaces. A great project for trying out a new language.

This is an application, not an applet, ie it accesses files and devices and can't be run under Netscape. You must use something that runs a Java application: eg Sun's JDK. If you've managed to get the AWT to run, you shouldn't have any trouble installing and running jcd.


Jcd is available from ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/apps/sound/cdrom

I've written up a simplified version of Jcd in a two part article for Linux Gazette:

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