Getdate-RFC868, safely sync your system date

I lost some email a while back that included some patches for getdate. If you sent me any patches, can you send them again.

Getdate is a utility that queries an RFC 868 time server and adjusts or sets the local date and time. It's useful for querying and copying the date/time from other Internet hosts. It will work correctly across time zones.

Get uses the UNIX adjtime() call so that it can be safely set up as a cron job. It can be set to reject hosts that respond slowly, or that vary too greatly from the local time. It should work on most of the modern UNIX variants.

The getdate man page is available for perusal.

The latest getdate-1.1 has been dropped off at where it should move from /pub/Incoming to /pub/contrib. Getdate 1.0 is available from in /pub/Linux/system/network/misc/getdate_rfc868-1.2.tar.gz

Last modified: Tue Oct 22 22:49:27 NZDT 2002