McLeish's in Winter 2010 & Birthday Season.
In the middle of winter it gets dark pretty early, a good time for a fireworks display. Not much of a picture, I guess you had to be there.

It's also a good time for a little piracy (indoors by the fire).
Lily turned 9 in June.
Elliot 7 in July.
Here's a candle-lit photo of birthday celebration. I took this photo over about 5-10 seconds. I was only in shot for the last bit - so looking a bit insubstantial!
Next up, Quinn turns 12
Then I turned 42. It wasn't the kind of birthday where you get breakfast in bed. I had to go all over the property following elaborate maps to dig up buried presents.
10 days later we awoke to see a relatively heavy blanket of snow - not surprising as the Invercargill stadium roof had collapsed due to snow on the previous day
It was the best snowman building day I can remember in Drummond. Plenty for everyone.
We didn't get straight into the snowman building though. Had to deliver a baby first. Treacherous roads meant a delayed midwife, so we got to have another go at the do-it-yourself delivery method.

Here is the new baby, [insert name here..]

OK, show's over. Now you can build a snowman.
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