Our Organic Goat and Sheep Cheese


It all started from small beginnings with one house goat, and making cheese in the kitchen for family and friends

The enthusiastic responses encouraged us (Faith and Nick) to expand into our small low-tech, genuinely artisan cheesery. Our son Bryce returned to the farm to help make the dream into a reality.

We spent 18 months designing, handmilking, training and learning, getting our heads around compliance, trialing, maturing and testing different cultures, cheese styles and techniques while Nick built the dairy/cheesery.

MPI RMP certification was obtained in September 2013 and commercial production was underway.

Goat Cheese

Fresh and soft cheeses available during the milking season

Chevre - The classic lightly matured and salted spreadable fresh cheese.

Very versatile used in savoury or sweet. A family favourite is on toast with tomatoes and black pepper. Best before date of 3 weeks but can be frozen until needed

Whey Ricotta - Made to order when we are making hard cheeses. Virtually fat free, this traditional ricotta has the texture and richness of whipped cream.

Use with berries and runny honey for a low cal dessert, on pancakes with jam, quiche and more...Vacuum packed to last a month

Camembert-style small rounds - Goat milk gives a tangy twist on this classic cheese

We have only recently made these and will have them available after October 2015.

Feta - Medium salt, tangy, moist and crumbly. Packed in bars around 150g. The classic mild feta. Use it young or fridge store for 2 - 4 months for richer flavour.

Crumble through a salad, in pasta etc. Combines superbly with quince paste.

Aged Cheese

Our waxed hard cheeses develop surprising and delightful flavours as they age slowly in our temperature-controlled maturing rooms.

The range of goat cheeses are all without the often overpowering 'goaty' taste. There are a few tricks to achieving this, which allows the more subtle citrusy flavours to come through.

White Tango - Nice at 90 days, mild with classic citrus mellowing and developing as it ages.

All purpose non melting cheese for the cheeseboard, salads or cooking

Tasty Tempest - Tasty style, having been well aged for the flavours to align into the delicious strong rich flavour, parmesan style.

Mustard Mayhem - Enhances cheese flavour and texture

Num Num Nigella - Adds floral aromatics to citrus tang

Fenugreek Fix - For an almost maple walnut flavour

Pepper Punch - For pepper lovers.

Use for variety on the cheeseboard, extra flavours in salads, sandwhiches and cooking or just a delicious snack.

Sheep Cheese

Sheep milk with its natural sweetness and higher fat levels makes beautifully rich cheese.

Moonlight Mild - Young and mild with that distinctive pecorino flavour developing as it ages

Craving Cumin - Experience the traditional affinity of cumin with sheeps cheese

Aged pecorino styles - As yet unnamed, these are quietly developing in the maturing rooms. We will keep them for one to two years to develop.

Always experimenting, and always learning more ways to make milk's quest for immortality a reality