TheThird Dimension.

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To view these pictures in 3D you need to learn the viewing technique.

It involves squinting so that your right eye looks at the picture on the left and your left eye looks at the picture on the right.
That may sound daunting but never fear, just try the exercises - spend a little time on them until you feel comfortable.

(1) Look at the dot and then squint so that you see two dots; a bit grey but TWO dots.
Spend a little time, move them about, closer then wider, back together again.
Do it again.. Get comfortable - don't rush off straight away!

If you are having trouble, try putting a finger close to the screen on the dot. Look at your finger and move it towards you.
Alternate between focussing on the dot and on your finger.
You should see either one dot and two fingers OR one finger and two dots.

(2) Get it? Good! NOW: This is the important one. Take your time.

Squint so that you see two grey dots move together. When they coincide as on black (in the middle) dot, CONCENTRATE on it. Practice until you feel comfortable. Then practice some more - don't rush off straight away!!

(3) Now try these dots with distractions attached.

(4) It doesn't only work with dots, try bananas.

Here are the same bananas with bigger and better distractions! Concentrate on the fruit and when you feel comfortable SLOWLY let your eyes roam about until you get the picture.

Tomatoes work just as well.

Try the little Island. It works as well as a black dot.

A black border may help.

You need to concentrate on a small black-dot substitute. Find your own.

Try a few more.

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