For Capital & Coast District Health Board

Text Box: I am a registered nurse with a PhD.  I have held senior nursing leadership and management roles in clinical practice, hospital management, nursing education and clinical research. 
The health sector is complex and changing.  Mental illness is now a leading cause of ill health.  Neuropsychiatric conditions, including mood disorders, addictions, anxiety and depression, development disorders like ADHD and autism are affecting more of us now than in the past. 

I am committed to improve, promote and protect the health of all people in our community.  This involves promoting the integration of health services, especially primary and secondary care services.

I support the five themes of the government’s health strategy – people powered, closer to home, value and high performance, one team and smart system. 

I am also committed to facilitating Wellington Hospital to return to full tertiary status, including, but not limited to, child cancer and liver transplant facilities.





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