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Seedlist 2015

Seeds listed below are available now.
Page updated 11th MARCH 2015


All seed offered this year is from cultivated nursery stock.
I apologise for the small list which is due in part to four exceptionally wet months in spring
followed by very dry conditions and temperatures of 30+ Celsius.
Seeds of Nomocharis and Lilies are still ripening and will be listed when ready.

Seeds collected in 2015 are marked •
All other seeds were collected in 2014.

Seeds are in glassine packets, labelled with the latin plant name.

Overseas orders are sent by airmail post, in padded envelopes, with customs declaration.
If you have special delivery preferences please let me know and I will be happy to oblige.

Prices and postage are given in New Zealand Dollars.

Orders for fewer than 6 packets are not accepted, sorry.

New Zealand $2.50 (Please do not send stamped self-addressed envelopes)
Australia $3.00
Rest of World $3.50

PAYMENT by Visa/Mastercard, in New Zealand Dollars only.
Payment in banknotes in New Zealand Dollars or Euros also accepted.
Overseas customers wishing to pay by Direct Banking please add $30.00 New Zealand Dollars to your order to cover bank fees.
Our bank details are available on request.
New Zealand customers may pay by personal cheque.
We do not use Paypal.

AETHIONEMA saxatile creticum $5.00
A dwarf species from Crete with very compact bluish grey green foliage and little flowerheads of Forget-me-Not Pink. Ideal in a trough or as a group on the rock garden. A short-lived perennial/biennial so we recommend removing most of the seedheads in its first season. (50 seeds)

• ALLIUM karataviense $5.00
An ornamental bulb with ground-hugging broad leaves of metallic grey purple and large short-stemmed globular pale pink flowerheads. (30seeds)

• ANDROSACE pyrenaica $5.00
Very tight buns of tiny densely packed rosettes with stemless white flowers in spring. An excellent crevice plant, this species grows happily outdoors here in one of our trough gardens. (30seeds)

• ANOMATHECA viridis $5.00
An unusual little bulb which produces dainty green flowers in late winter and spring. H15cm. (30seeds)

• AQUILEGIA bertolonii $5.00
An easy little Columbine from the Pyrenees with low tufts of deep blue-green foliage and 1-2 good-sized deep blue nodding flowers per stem in early summer. A good species for those new to alpine seed-raising. H10-15cm (40seeds)

AQUILEGIA longissima $5.00
A taller growing species with lovely long-spurred yellow flowers on branching stems. (50 seeds)

• BABIANA ringens $5.00
(20 seeds)

• CALCEOLARIA fothergillii $5.00
Baggy yellow flowers heavily stippled with rusty orange, and a white band across the lip. A vigorous plant with abundant flowers. H10cm x W15cm (40seeds)

CAMPANULA saxifraga ssp.aucheri $5.00
Slender stems carry large solitary outward-facing lavender blue bells in spring. Compact non-running habit. H10cm x W25cm (40 seeds)

CYANANTHUS chungdianensis $5.00
A dainty species which produces abundant light blue flowers with tufts of blue hairs in the mouth. (40 seeds)

From resting buds in late spring appear trailing stems of soft foliage which end in tubular flowers of pale lemon. (40 seeds)

CYCLAMEN cilicium $5.00
Foliage finely patterned with silver. Flowers are pink with crimson basal blotch. (30 seeds)

CYCLAMEN coum #1 $5.00
Rounded silver leaves with narrow green edge, flowers pink. (30 seeds)

CYCLAMEN coum #2 $5.00
Attractive round silvery foliage with a narrow green margin, flowers are white. (30 seeds)

CYCLAMEN graecum $5.00
Velvety foliage marbled with silver appears in early autumn from a large tuber. Ideal for container cultivation with maximum sunlight, annual repotting and just barely moist when dormant in summer. Elegant pale pink flowers in abundance when happy! H15cm x W30cm (30 seeds)

• CYCLAMEN graecum $5.00
Same stock, collected 2015. (20 seeds)

• DELPHINIUM luteum $5.00
Ranunculaceae. Slender branching stems of lime to butter yellow buds opening to pale yellow Larkspurs. This is a lovely dainty species for the sunny rock garden. (30seeds)

DIANTHUS erinaceus $5.00
A distinctive little plant with tightly packed spiky hedgehog-like foliage with short-stemmed lilac pink flowers nestling on it in summer. (20 seeds)

• DRABA polytricha $5.00
Furry green buns with short stems of yellow flowers just above the foliage in spring. (30 seeds)

• EDRAIANTHUS niveus $5.00
This is an attractive species forming compact tufts of narrow leaves and short stems of creamy buds opening to milk white bells. (40 seeds)

• EDRAIANTHUS vesovicii $6.00
Overseas customers only. Compact tufts of narrow leaves with large blue bells on very short stems in early summer. A gem for the sunny rock garden and perfect for a trough filled with lime-loving plants. H5cm x W10cm. (40 seeds)

FRITILLARIA caucasica $5.00
A dwarf bulb from the Caucasus with hanging bells of dark purple overlaid with a grape-like 'bloom' on the outside. Lighter colouring inside. (30 seeds)

• GENTIANA acaulis $5.00
One of THE classic alpines, with large trumpets of brilliant blue on short stems during spring. Forms a spreading mat of broad leaves. We grow it in open sunny positions with fertile free-draining soil, firm planting, and plenty of water while flowering. H10cm x W30cm (100 seeds)

• GENTIANA clusii Mauve Pinks $6.00
Overseas customers only. Similar to Gentiana acaulis but with foliage in a compact tuft rather than a mat. Each tuft never fails to produce several large trumpets of beautiful very pale pink to mauve purple with variable spotting in the throat, in spring. (40seeds)

GENTIANA septemfida $5.00
A showy species with semi prostrate stems carrying many blue trumpets in mid summer. (100 seeds)

• GENTIANA verna $5.00
This is a lovely little species for sunny rock gardens and troughs. Compact small rosettes and many upturned flowers of intense blue during spring. H8cm x W10cm (100seeds)

GERANIUM harveyii $5.00
A splendid species for a sunny rock garden or wall. It forms a low spreading mound of lacy silver foliage with silver buds opening to a long display of lavender pink flowers in summer. H15cm x W60cm (30seeds)

• LAPEIROUSIA oreogena $5.00
A winter-growing corm from southern Africa. Rosettes of pointed foliage with very frilly margins. Very showy rich velvety purple and black flowers with long tubes, in late winter. Great container plant for frost-free position. Grows well for us in sand and pumice, no fertiliser. (20seeds)

• LAPEIROUSIA pyramidalis regalis $5.00

LEWISIA tweedyi Yellow Form $5.00
Large rosettes of fleshy foliage amongst which rise beautiful big flowers of blended creamy apricot and pale yellow. (40 seeds)

• MASSONIA species ex Namaqualand $5.00
Two broad leaves resting on the soil and the large stemless central flowerbud with cream stamens. (20 seeds)

• MYOSOTIS capitata $5.00
A giant Forget Me Not from the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand. Low mounds of rough dark green leaves and clusters of deep blue flowers in summer. A rare colour in our native flora. (30seeds)

MYRTEOLA nummularia $5.00
This aromatic prostrate Myrtle has tiny glossy leaves, white flowers followed by large white berries flushed rose pink. H5cm x W40cm. (30 seeds)

• PARAQUILEGIA microphylla $7.00
Overseas customers only. Possibly some hybrids in this open-pollinated seed. Generally smaller plants with smaller paler flowers often with a pink cast.(50seeds)

PENSTEMON hirsutus pygmaeus $5.00
A low-growing Penstemon with tubular lavender flowers with white lips. Very free-flowering. (50 seeds)

PENSTEMON hirsutus pygmaeus albus $5.00
The pure white-flowered form of the above. (50 seeds)

PENSTEMON procerus brachyanthus $5.00
Clusters of bright blue tubular flowers on short stems in spring. H10cm x W25cm. (50seeds)

• PRIMULA chionantha $5.00
A tall species for a cool moist fertile soil with strong stems carrying whorls of white flowers with grey eyes, in early summer. (30seeds)

• PRIMULA halleri $5.00

• PRIMULA reidii williamsii alba $6.00
Overseas customers only. Light green hairy foliage and slender stems carrying several heavily scented large pure white flowers in summer. Very choice. (80seeds)

• PRIMULA reidii $6.00
Overseas customers only. Same as the above variety, flowers pale blue, with same lovely perfume. Limit one packet per order this season. (30seeds)

• RUPICAPNOS africana $5.00
Tufts of blue grey deeply divided foliage and heads of slender pink flowers tipped with maroon. When grown in a lean potting mix it makes a beautiful specimen. (20seeds)

• SAXIFRAGA federici-augustii grisebachii $5.00
Beautiful silver rosettes. Furry ruby pink stems terminating in glossy clusters of little wine red flowers. H15cm x W12cm. Fine seed. (100 seeds)


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