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Our large collection of alpine plants and dwarf perennials
includes many unusual and uncommon varieties difficult to find elsewhere in New Zealand.

H x W = the approximate height and width of the plant in flower.

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Aethionema Warley RoseAETHIONEMA Warley Rose $8.00
This lovely little plant never fails to produce a good display of rich pink flowerheads during spring over its low blue grey-green foliage. An open sunny position with a well-drained soil will suit it. H12cm x W40cm.

Alyssum citrinumALYSSUM saxatile citrinum $8.00
This fine perennial species makes a low mound of grey green foliage with a good display of pale moonlight yellow flowers in late spring. Excellent on sunny walls, banks and rock gardens.

Alyssum wulfenianumALYSSUM wulfenianum $8.00
A compact mound of grey green leaves and compact heads of sunny yellow flowers through spring and summer. An excellent little plant for the sunny rock garden and small enough for the edge of a trough.

Androsace jacquemontiiANDROSACE jacquemontii $8.00
This is a really delightful little species with short-stemmed umbels of lavender flowers over furry grey rosettes tucked into a compact hummock. Sun and free-draining soil but not dry. H5cm x W10cm.

Androsace rigidaANDROSACE rigida $8.00
A pretty wee plant from Western China which forms a loose mat of summer-green rosettes. Each 5cm stem carries several clear pink flowers in a close umbel in spring. Easily grown in a postion in part sun or shade, not dry in mid summer.

Androsace sarmentosa Pink formANDROSACE sarmentosa Pink Form $8.00
Clusters of bright pink flowers on short stems over large hairy rosettes. A neat crevice-hugging mat of furry rosettes. Sun.

Androsace sempervivoides Deep Pink ANDROSACE sempervivoides Deep Pink $8.00
A mat of bright green rosettes and lovely rich pink flowers in spring. H8cm x W20cm.

Anemone magellanica ANEMONE magellanica $8.00
This South American species has deeply divided foliage with 25cm stems of primrose yellow bowls in spring. Winter dormant. Sun.

Aquilegia canadensisAQUILEGIA canadensis $8.00
A Grannys Bonnet for sun or part shade, with narrow flowers of salmon red and yellow petticoats. Borders, cottage gardens, shady borders.

Aquilegia laramiensisAQUILEGIA laramiensis $8.00
A rare species restricted to the Laramie Peak area in its native Wyoming this has dainty white flowers in spring. Part sun/shade. H15cm x W15cm.

Aquilegia longissimaAQUILEGIA longissima $8.00
A taller-growing species with amazingly long-spurred yellow flowers on branching stems during late summer. A colourful popular choice for a position in part sun/shade. H40cm x W25cm.

Arabis caucasica flore plenoARABIS caucasica flore pleno $8.00
Excellent groundcover on a dry bank or wall and great as an edging on the sunny border.

Arenaria ledebourianaARENARIA ledebouriana $8.00
A cushion of grey green needles with clouds of tiny white flowers on fine branching stems. Resembles a dainty miniature Gypsophila! Sun. H20cm x W35cm

 ARENARIA tetraquetra $8.00
Low congested mats of tiny green intricately arranged leaves. Snowy white little flowers in early summer. Suitable for a sunny trough garden or rockery. H3cm x W20cm.

Armeria Bevan's VarietyARMERIA Bevan's Variety $8.00
Many pompoms of bright rose pink flowers like little lollipops appear in spring over a tight cushion off fresh green. Trough. H8cm x W15cm.

Armeria Candy FlossARMERIA Candy Floss $8.00
This little cushion was selected by the late Merv Holland of Christchurch for its almost stemless bright pink pompoms which appear on tight dark green foliage in early summer. Sun.

Asperula lilaciflora caespitosaASPERULA lilaciflora caespitosa $8.00
Emerald green mat. Prostrate stems covered with pretty pink tubular flowers in summer. Good over a rock in the alpine garden, edge of a wall or trough. Sun. H4cm x W30cm.

Asperula nitida puberulaASPERULA nitida puberula $8.00
Blue green cushion. Stemless rich pink tubular flowers in spring. Sun. Well-drained soil with a dusting of lime. H5cm x W15cm.

Aster alpinusASTER alpinus $8.00
Large showy lavender blue daisies on short sturdy stems. A fine easy variety. Sun. H12cm x W30cm.

 AUBRIETIA aureovariegata $8.00
Compact bright golden yellow and grey green tufts covered with violet blue flowers in spring and early summer. H7cm x W20cm.

Brachyscome Break of DayBRACHYSCOME Break of Day $8.00
A much improved version of the Swan River Daisy. This makes a dark green bushlet covered with an endless display of rich lavender blue daisies, in a warm position. Sun. Sheltered positions, rock garden, banks and walls, containers, window boxes, baskets.

Campanula Dickson's GoldCAMPANULA Dickson's Gold $8.00
The fresh golden yellow spring foliage makes a fine backdrop to the pretty blue starry flowers which appear in summer. Sun. Foliage becomes somewhat greener as the season progresses.

Campanula G.F.WilsonCAMPANULA G.F.Wilson $8.00
Slowly spreading mat. Large open bells of rich purple on slender stems. Midsummer. Sun. H7cm x W30cm.

Campanula x haylodgensisCAMPANULA x haylodgensis $8.00
Masses of powder blue double saucers, rather like little rosebuds, from early summer. A good-natured treasure for crevices on the rock garden, also perfect for paving. Although it spreads only slowly it is probably a wee bit too wide to plant in a trough garden. Sun. H12cm.

Campanula isophylla albaCAMPANULA isophylla alba $8.00
Trailing fresh green shiny foliage and beautiful waxy pure white saucers at the tips of the stems in summer. A fine species for a sunny position on the rock garden or a wall, also in hanging baskets. H10cm x W40cm.

Campanula nitidaCAMPANULA nitida $8.00
Dark green crinkled rosettes. Upright stems carrying outward-facing large powder blue saucers in summer. Evergreen, smart, and non-running. H15cm x W30cm.

Campanula nitida albaCAMPANULA nitida alba $8.00
Dark green crinkled rosettes. Upright stems carrying outward-facing large milk-white saucers in summer. Evergreen, smart, and non-running. H15cm x W30cm.

Campanula Warley WhiteCAMPANULA Warley White $8.00
Trailing stems carrying pure white semi-double to double flowers. Foliage light yellowish green. Suitable for planting in a wall or on the rockery. Sun. Deciduous in winter.

Carmichaelia astoniiCARMICHAELIA astonii $8.00
A compact species with wide stems of olive green and a good display of white pea-flowers veined wine-red to purple. Sun. Free-draining soil with a dusting of lime forked in.

Carmichaelia corrugataCARMICHAELIA corrugata $8.00
A very low-growing wee Pygmy Broom sprinkled with little purple flowers in early summer. A cutie for a trough garden or sand bed. Sun. Gritty soil.

Carmichaelia enysiiCARMICHAELIA enysii $8.00
(C.nana) Almost grass-like stems tightly packed into an olive green hummock. Little purple pea flowers veined with violet. Sun. Gritty soil. H10cm x W15cm.

Cassiope selaginoides LS13284CASSIOPE selaginoides LS 13284 $10.00
The finest Cassiope, collected by Ludlow and Sherriff in 1950. An evergreen bush of upright branches tightly packed with dark green tiny leaves. Good-sized bells of pure white in spring are the largest in the genus. Lime-free soil. Part sun.

Celmisia alpina x semicordataCELMISIA alpina x semicordata $8.00
This is a lovely plant which we selected from a batch of nursery seedlings. It has narrow silvery foliage in a compact tuft and handsome white daisies on slim stems during early summer. Much admired.

Centaurium scilloidesCENTAURIUM scilloides $8.00
Lovely little mat plant with plenty of delightful clear pink flowers over light green foliage. Sun. H5cm x W10-15cm.

Chrysanthemum mawiiCHRYSANTHEMUM mawii $8.00
A profusion of clear pink maroon-eyed daisies from late spring until autumn. Needs just a light annual trim or regular picking to keep it bushy. Sun. H20cm x W35cm

Chrysanthemum mawii HokonuiCHRYSANTHEMUM mawii Hokonui $8.00
This chance seedling has a succession of flowers which are deeper pink than the form commonly offered in New Zealand. It has a very long flowering period and frequent picking or selective pruning keeps it neat and tidy. Sun. H30cm x W30cm.

Chrysanthemum mawii RuapunaCHRYSANTHEMUM mawii Ruapuna $8.00
This forms a low bushlet with daisies which are just a little smaller than our usual form of Ch.mawii, of deep pink with a suggestion of terracotta. A welcome addition to the sunny rock garden.

no photoCOPROSMA rhamnoides $8.00
A distinctive spiky much-branched low bush of yellow stems with light green foliage. Sun.

 CRYPTOMERIA Tensan $8.00
A little round conifer with short crispy olive green foliage taking on attractive rust brown winter tints. Sun. H20cm x W40cm eventually.

Cytisus x kewensisCYTISUS x kewensis $8.00
A semi-prostrate dwarf shrub from Kew Gardens, London. Arching stems of lightly scented creamy flowers in spring. Lovely for picking and does not seed. This is the only broom we can sell to farmers' wives! Sun. Highly recommended. H25cm x W50cm.

Daphne cneorumDAPHNE cneorum $9.00
The Garland Flower. The rock garden Daphne carries abundant heads of deep pink sweetly scented tubular flowers in late spring. Habit is semi-prostrate branches of evergreen foliage. Open sunny positions and a moderately fertile soil with a dusting of lime worked in.

Dianthus alpinusDIANTHUS alpinus $8.00
A tidy little species for a sunny trough or rock garden, with tufts of shiny green narrow leaves and short-stemmed pink to glowing rose purple flowers in early summer.

Dianthus arvenensisDIANTHUS arvenensis $8.00
This forms a low cushion of grey foliage with masses of scented clear pink flowers in midsummer. Sun. An easy dwarf variety for walls, rockeries, paving or over the edge of a trough garden.

Dianthus Cherry RipeDIANTHUS Cherry Ripe $8.00
This forms a tuft of blue green foliage and has perfumed flowers of luscious cherry rose red. Dwarf. Sun.

Dianthus Highland FraserDIANTHUS Highland Fraser $8.00
This is a lovely laced variety suitable for the rock garden, front of the border, and walls. Pale pink flowers, each petal with a fine margin and central bar of ruby red. Medium.

Dianthus InchmeryDIANTHUS Inchmery $8.00
An old variety and one of the very best for sunny borders and banks, walls. The grey foliage is always tidy and smart, the flowers are beautifully perfumed, pale silvery pink and lovely for picking.

Dianthus Inshriach StartlerDIANTHUS Inshriach Startler $8.00
A good compact little plant for the rockery which gives an excellent display all summer. Grey foliage and single flowers of deep chalky pink with a darker eye.

DIANTHUS Lion Rock $8.00
Single flowers of velvety red with tiniest pale margin. Compact and reliable. Suitable for rock gardens and walls.

Dianthus microlepisDIANTHUS microlepis $8.00
This is such an dear little plant with its display of wee clear pink flowers over the dense cushion in early summer. Sun. Well-drained soil. Dwarf.

Dianthus PrettyDIANTHUS Pretty $8.00
Sweetly scented pale rose pink double flowers flushed deeper rose in the centre. Nice compact habit. Sun. Free-draining limey soil. Rock garden, banks, walls, paving.

Dianthus Whatfield WispDIANTHUS Whatfield Wisp $8.00
A cutie for trough or rock garden or in a wall. Large palest pink raggedy-edged flowers on short stems during summer. Good perfume, free-flowering and compact. Sun. Lime. H10cm x W30cm.

Dierama igneumDIERAMA igneum $8.00
This is a very elegant member of the well-known Angels' Fishing Rods, with slender wands carrying pendant flowers of palest salmon pink tissue. Larger rock gardens, sunny borders.

Dierama nanumDIERAMA nanum $8.00
A dwarf version with slim stems of pendant light salmon pink flowers.

DIERAMA White $8.00
Wands carrying pendant flowers of white tissue in midsummer. Larger rock gardens, sunny borders. H80-90cm in flower.

Draba bryoidesDRABA bryoides $8.00
Mossy light green dome. Threadlike stems of wee yellow flowers in spring, summer, autumn. An excellent species for the open garden as it doesn't mind winter wet. Sun. H10cm x W15cm.

Draba longisiliquaDRABA longisiliqua $8.00
This has dainty yellow flowers, on slender stems, but the cushion is of tightly packed downy grey little rosettes. An excellent plant for the show bench, troughs or crevice garden. Sun.

no photoDRABA oligosperma $8.00
We have wee buns raised from Alplains seed of this little slow-growing North American Draba. Tightly packed tiny leaves and stems of sunny yellow flowers in spring. A gem for crevices and trough gardens. Sun.

Dryas octopetalaDRYAS octopetala $8.00
Mountain Avens. Lovely milk white bowls opening from attractive rich cream buds buds. Mats of shiny 'oak' leaves. Sun. Lime. H7cm x W40cm.

Dryas octopetala minorDRYAS octopetala minor $9.00
The miniature form of Mountain Avens. Forms a very compact carpet with creamy white flowers on short stems during early summer. Good in a trough garden or smaller rock gardens. Sun. H5cm x W20cm.

Erodium chamaedryoides Bishop's FormERODIUM chamaedryoides Bishop's Form $8.00
Soft downy cushion. Showy short-stemmed flowers which are larger and a richer pink than the usual form. Sun. H5cm x W20cm.

Erysimum pulchellumERYSIMUM pulchellum $8.00
Compact light green cushions which produce loads of pale lemon yellow flowers in spring. Excellent cover on sunny walls and rockeries and an easy plant for the beginner. H10cm x W30cm.

Frankenia laevisFRANKENIA laevis $8.00
A mat of tiny wee grey green leaves on radiating stems, sprinkled with stemless pink flowers in summer. Rock garden, paving. Sun.

Galax aphyllaGALAX aphylla $13.00
Shining rounded leaves turning vivid red in winter. Slender spires of white flowers in early summer. A fine evergreen North American for peaty soil, part shade. Exceedingly slow to propagate, young well-rooted plants. Seldom offered.

Gaultheria cuneataGAULTHERIA cuneata $9.00
This groundcover shrub has shiny evergreen foliage, the white flowers are followed by large snow white berries in late summer. As a member of the Erica family it prefers an acid leafy soil which doesn't get too dry in summer. Part sun or shade. The fruit is not poisonous.

 GAULTHERIA trichophylla $9.00
Low spreading shrub of shiny bristly foliage. Flowers white, followed by handsome blue berries in quantity. Cultivation as for G.cuneata. Rarely available. Non-poisonous.

Gentiana Alistair BleeGENTIANA Alistair Blee $9.00
This attractive Autumn Gentian is the last plant retrieved from Alistair Blee's garden after his death. He loved the Asiatic Gentians and grew many hybrids from seed. This variety has light blue flowers with a speckled white throat which has a zone of deeper blue at the mouth merging into pale mauve blue corolla margins. Fertile lime-free soil, moist in summer. Pull the finished flowering stems right out of the tuft when you tidy up in autumn.

Gentiana angustifolia albaGENTIANA angustifolia alba $9.00
A beautiful spring-flowering Gentian similar to G.acaulis, but with large white trumpets with green spotting down the throat and each segment with a bold green patch. In sunlight the flowers tend towards a pale ice blue. A fertile free-draining soil and firm planting are recommended.

Geranium incanumGERANIUM incanum $8.00
An African species forming soft ferny mounds with warm purple flowers over summer. Likes to ramble through other plants. Perfect for sunny walls, borders, baskets.

Globularia speciesGLOBULARIA species $8.00
This treasure is very popular with all our visitors when they see it flowering. It has a very compact habit, small dark green leaves and short stems carrying solitary light blue fluffy flowers. Does well on the open sunny rockgarden but is neat enough to plant in a trough garden.

Gypsophila cerastioidesGYPSOPHILA cerastioides $8.00
Creeping soft green mats produce a plentiful summer display of white flowers finely veined with rosy purple. Sun. H5cm x W30cm.

Gypsophila Letchworth RoseGYPSOPHILA Letchworth Rose $8.00
Grey mats covered with clouds of little rose pink and red flowers over the summer. Highly recommended. Sun. H x W.

 GYPSOPHILA tenuifolium $8.00
This species forms a tight dome of foliage with many slender wiry stems carrying clear pink single flowers in summer. Sun. H30cm.

Hebe epacrideaHEBE epacridea $8.00
A low alpine shrub with small leaves tightly packed in four rows up the stems. Terminal heads of white flowers. A worthwhile addition to the rock garden. H20cm x W60cm.

 HELIANTHEMUMS - You may know these by their other names as Sun Roses or Rock Roses. They aren't true roses but the flowers look rather like single roses, over a low bush of soft grey or green foliage. They love plenty of sun, are frost tolerant and take dry conditions well once established. Clip back as soon as the early summer flowers have dropped - this will produce masses of flowers for the following year. H20cm x W30cm. Ideal for edging, sunny banks and dry walls.

Helianthemum Ben FhadaHELIANTHEMUM Ben Fhada $8.00
A succession of pure yellow flowers held well above compact green foliage.

no photoHELIANTHEMUM Chelsea Gem $8.00
Single clear pink flowers with a gold eye.

Helianthemum Chocolate BlotchHELIANTHEMUM Chocolate Blotch $8.00
Single flowers of deep rusty orange with darker eye.

Helianthemum LoisHELIANTHEMUM Lois $8.00
Abundant flowers of warm peach pink.

Helianthemum Wisley WhiteHELIANTHEMUM Wisley White $8.00
Grey foliage, flowers are large pure white bowls. Combines beautifully with any colour.

Heliohebe Hagley ParkHELIOHEBE Hagley Park $8.00
This is definitely one of our nicest little shrubs, with leaves finely edged with red and spikes of lilac pink buds opening to mauve flowers in early summer. Very free-flowering and thrives on an annual trim. Sun. H30cm x W45cm.

Hepatica pyrenaicaHEPATICA pyrenaica $8.00
Pure white flowers with white stamens from a green centre. Attractively marked evergreen foliage on this species. Part shade. Moist cool humus-rich soil.

no photoHEPATICA transsilvanicus $8.00
Spreading carpets of large deeply lobed leaves and lovely large pale blue flowers in spring. Shade. Tolerates drier soils better than other Hepaticas. H15cm x W60cm.

Hosta DewdropHOSTA Dewdrop $8.00
An attractive dwarf Hosta with pointed grey green foliage edged with white. Lavender trumpet flowers on short stems. H25cm x W20cm. Ideal for the smaller garden or rockery. Part shade.

Iris barbatulaIRIS barbatula $8.00
An uncommon dwarf species with a succession of its lovely little lavender flowers over two or three weeks. Winter dormant. Moist fertile soils. H10cm.

Iris Blue FrostIRIS Blue Frost $8.00
A dear little dwarf Bearded Iris with pale blue falls and standards (not quite as deep a blue as our photo would suggest). Perfect for even the smallest garden.

Iris chrysographesIRIS chrysographes $8.00
Grow this in a deep fertile soil with ample summer moisture. A taller species with deep velvety purple blue regal flowers in summer.The yellow patch on the falls is heavily veined with black purple.

Iris gracilipesIRIS gracilipes $8.00
A dwarf rhizomatous species with fans of light green leaves and slender stems carrying lovely lavender blue flowers in spring. Winter dormant. Shade. Moist fertile soil. H20cm x W20cm.

Iris gracilipes albaIRIS gracilipes alba $8.00
A dwarf rhizomatous species with fans of light green leaves. Slender stems carrying pure white flowers in spring. Winter dormant. Shade. Moist fertile soil. H20cm x W20cm.

no photoIRIS Jasper Gem $8.00
An early flowering miniature dwarf bearded Iris with russet-red standards, oxblood red falls and a yellow beard.

Iris kumaonensisIRIS kumaonensis $9.00
This is a most distinctive rhizomatous Iris from the Himalayas with flowers mottled all over like a little tiger! The falls are deep lavender with a white beard tipped gold, and the standards are lighter lavender with darker blotches and veining. Choice. Happy in a free-draining acid soil in sun or part sun.

Iris PalsamIRIS Palsam $8.00
A dwarf bearded Iris with cream falls finely edged with purple, the standards are cream centred with spotting and veining becoming solid purple at the margins. Very handsome.

Iris Wee DollIRIS Wee Doll $8.00



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