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New Zealand Alpines and Rock Garden Plants

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ACIPHYLLA pinnatifida $8.00
A handsome low Speargrass with striking golden midribs to the spiky pinnate foliage. Male and female flowers on separate plants, plants available have not flowered yet. Moist free-draining soils. Spreads by stolons.

CARMICHAELIA enysii $8.00
(C.nana) Almost grass-like stems tightly packed into an olive green hummock. Little purple pea flowers veined with violet. Sun. Gritty soil. H10cm x W15cm.

CARMICHAELIA enysii hybrid $8.00
This distinctive little plant appeared amongst seedlings from our stock plants. Low-growing, open branching golden olive green stems and lots of wee plum purple pea flowers. Easy.

CARMICHAELIA monroi $8.00
Rusty brown leafless stems on a low shrublet with lavender pea-flowers veined with violet. Sun.

CELMISIA - New Zealand Mountain Daisy. Most species will grow in the open sunny garden if they have a free-draining humusy soil which does not become very dry in summer. A mulch of gravel and companion planting help keep the root zone cool and moist. You may need to try them in more than one area in your garden to determine their preferred position. An application of trichoderma (a beneficial soil fungus available from your local garden centre) can be given to Celmisias whether grown in pots or the open garden.

CELMISIA angustifolia $8.00
This attractive species forms a low compact mound of grey green foliage with solitary white daisies on slender stems in early summer.

CELMISIA argentea $8.00
A very slow growing miniature version of C.sessiliflora, forming cushions of tightly packed creamy grey needles. Stemless white daisies.

• CELMISIA hookeri $8.00
A lowland species from northeastern coastal Otago. The large strap-shaped leaves have furry margins and undersides, and purple petioles. The large and solitary white daisies are borne on strong 30cm stems.

CELMISIA mackaui Sold out

CLEMATIS afoliata $8.00
This is a New Zealand species which we have not offered for some time. Leafless, or sparsely leaved climbing stems carrying pendant cream flowers. Each pot contains several seed-raised plants so you can expect male and female flowers on separate plants.

CLEMATIS marmoraria $9.00
A marvellous little species discovered in NW Nelson which is proving to be a real treasure. It makes a low spreading mound of deeply divided dark olive green foliage with large white flowers just above the foliage in spring. Sun or shade. Fertile gritty soil. Rock garden, trough. These are small cutting-propagated plants from female stock.

CORALLOSPARTIUM crassicaule $8.00
Coral Broom. A stiff upright leafless shrub up to 2m high. The stems are a dull browny green with alternating notches every 1-2cm and striking longitudinal greyish white ribs. Up to 20 cream pea-flowers are tightly clustered at the notches. Sun. Young plants.

GAULTHERIA crassa $8.00

GUNNERA hamiltonii $8.00
A distinctive little species with attractive tawny grey rather fleshy foliage in a ground-hugging mat.

HEBE buchananii Sir George Fenwick $8.00
A broad dome of tiny olive green leaves with a sprinkling of cream flowers in summer. Very compact. Sun. H25cm x W60cm.

• HEBE youngii $8.00
A prostrate variety giving a welcome sparkle of colour with purple flowers, small mid-green leaves on black stems.

HELICHRYSUM coralloides $8.00
A small bush with furry edged little leaves tightly packed up the stems. Yellow button flowers in summer. Sun. H30cm x W50cm.

• HELICHRYSUM Graeme Paterson $8.00
A broad spreading mound of grey downy foliage with cream flowers in early summer. Sun-loving groundcover.

HELICHRYSUM intermedium tumidum $8.00
A spreading shrublet of upright stems densely packed with tiny leaves with furry margins. Flowers like little cream buttons at the stem tips.

HELIOHEBE Hagley Park $8.00
This is definately one of our nicest little shrubs, with leaves finely edged with red and spikes of lilac pink buds opening to mauve flowers in early summer. Very free-flowering and thrives on an annual trim. Sun. H30cm x W45cm.

LOBELIA linnaeoides $8.00
This makes a flat green mat flushed with purple and produces loads of dainty little Lobelias on thread-like stems in summer. The wee pink buds opening to white flowers which are flushed with pink on the outside. H8cm x W30cm+. Give it part shade and moist soil.

LUZULA crenulata $8.00
This crispy green grassy bun is quite a feature in one of our troughs and gets lots of attention. Tinted copper in winter. Sun. Moist gritty soil. H5cm x W25cm.

MAZUS radicans $8.00
Carpets of mottled green leaves with stemless white flowers, beautifully marked gold and purple in the throat. Moist gritty fertile soil.

MYOSOTIS Hokonui $8.50
This unique plant is a hybrid of our own raising. It makes a nice tight cushion with a succession of cool to warm lavender stemless flowers over summer and tolerates frosts and summer heat very well. Sun and a gritty soil. H5cm x W20cm.

NERTERA balfouriana $8.00
Tiny little leaves in a groundhugging mat, loads of shiny orange red berries in summer. Moist to saturated soils, wet grassy areas. Sun.

NERTERA depressa $8.00
This lush little bright green mat has tiny nondescript flowers which are followed by abundant glossy orange fruits clustered amongst the foliage. Part shade but will take some sun if not dry. Moist soil.

OURISIA caespitosa $8.00
Carpets of fresh green leaves above which appear pretty white flowers in late spring. Moist gritty fertile soil. Lovely in a trough garden.

• PARAHEBE decora $8.00
A delicate-looking species with tiny leaves on dainty semi-prostrate trailing stems. Flowers white to pale pink, veined. Sun or part sun but not dry.

PIMELEA prostrata $8.00
A wide-spreading prostrate shrubby species with grey green foliage. Clusters of cream flowers followed by white berries in autumn. H15cm x W1m+. Excellent groundcover for a sunny bank.

• POLYSTICHUM cystotegia $8.00
A compact little fern for well-lit south-facing positions amongst other small shade-lovers.

RAOULIA beauverdii $8.00
Groundhugging mat of small blue silver leaves. Very handsome.

RAOULIA grandiflora $8.00
We are pleased to have nice young plants of this attractive species available this season. Very tight mats of sharply pointed metallic silver leaves with stemless white daisies in early summer. A sandy gritty soil with plenty of moisture in spring. Perfect for a trough garden dedicated to New Zealand alpines.

RAOULIA hookeri Makara Form $8.00
This is an excellent variety for an open sunny position. Silvery satin rosettes in a neat spreading carpet sprinkled in summer with little pale yellow stemless flowers.

RAOULIA monroi $8.00
This is a most unusual little carpet - the dull grey tiny leaves are uniquely arranged and well worth a closer inspection. Plenty of wee cream flowers in early summer. Sun. H3cm x W40cm.

RAOULIA parkii $8.00
A smart groundcover of little sage grey green leaves. OK to walk on. Sun.

RAOULIA parkii hybrid $8.00
A hybrid of the above species.



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