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Kalmiopsis leachianaKALMIOPSIS leachiana $9.00
A choice evergreen dwarf shrub for cool leafy lime-free soil and part sun or shade. Widely flared, crimped pink flowers with long protruding stamens. Seldom available.

 LEPTINELLA goyenii $8.00
Tightly packed apple green rosettes of tiny needles, almost stemless wee cream buttons in early summer. H5cm x W20cm.

Leucanthemum hosmarienseLEUCANTHEMUM hosmariense $8.00
Shrubby mound of bright silvery deeply-cut foliage. Large gleaming white daisies in winter/spring/summer. Sun. H30cm x W60cm.

LEWISIA - Clumps of succulent rosettes with showy flowers from spring onwards. Will grow in sun if not hot and dry but we feel they are much happier in cooler positions with a lot of light. Fertile free-draining soil, water in the cool of the evening while they are flowering and keep the soil just moist in winter.

Lewisia cotyledon hybridsLEWISIA cotyledon hybrids $8.00
Evergreen rosettes with strong stems of showy flowers from spring onwards. Colours include oranges, glowing pinks to rose, also sunset shades, amongst others. Will grow in sun if not hot and dry but we feel they are less stressed in cooler positions with a lot of light. Fertile free-draining soil, plenty of moisture while flowering, just moist in winter. Pull out flower stems as the flowers fade, for up to four flowerings a season. Excellent container plants.

 LEWISIA columbiana rosea $8.00
This forms a clump of fleshy foliage and sends up slim stems terminating in lovely light pink flowers in early summer. Sun or part sun, and a fertile well-drained soil. Rock gardens, troughs and raised beds. H15cm.

Lewisia columbiana rupicolaLEWISIA columbiana rupicola $8.00
A compact dome of fleshy foliage which sends up slim stems terminating in little warm purple flowers in early summer. Sun or part sun, and a fertile well-drained soil. Rock gardens, troughs and raised beds. H15cm.

Lewisia leana KardinalLEWISIA leana Kardinal $8.00
The type species, Lewisia leana, is native to the American states of California and Oregon. From a thick central root radiate narrow fleshy leaves, and a cloud of little purple flowers appears on tall stems during summer. Evergreen. H20cm x W20cm.

Lewisia tweedyi albaLEWISIA tweedyi alba $9.00
Large pure white flowers in early summer. Appreciates a cooler aspect, say morning sun or cool side of a rock. Fertile free-draining soil, plenty of water while in flower, less in winter. H15cm x W20cm. Lettuce-sized specimens in 1.5L pots!

Linnaea borealis americanaLINNAEA borealis americana $8.00
This low evergreen plant sends out prostrate stems of light green foliage which root as they go. Known as the Twinflower on account of its pairs of little white bells flushed pink inside which are produced in late spring. Part shade under shrubs etc. H5cm x W60cm approx.

Luzula crenulataLUZULA crenulata $8.00
This crispy green grassy bun is quite a feature in one of our troughs and gets lots of attention. Tinted copper in winter. Sun. Moist gritty soil. H5cm x W25cm.

Nerine filifoliaNERINE filifolia $8.00
A miniature bulb which produces frilly petalled bright pink flowers on slender stems amongst grassy foliage. Marvellous late summer and autumn colour on the rockery. Sun. H15-20cm.

Ourisia coccineaOURISIA coccinea $8.00
A bright apple green carpet from South America with long slim flowers of fire engine red. Part shade. Fertile moist soil. Winter dormant. H20cm x W30cm.

Oxalis deppeiOXALIS deppei $8.00
A sturdy growing bulbous species suited best to container cultivation. Typical clover foliage with brown markings and relatively tall stems of salmon pink funnel-shaped flowers.

Oxycoccus quadipetalaOXYCOCCUS quadripetala $8.00
A tiny trailing Blueberry with little pointy leaves which take on burgundy winter tones, flowers are like miniature pink cyclamen. Inhabits cool mossy areas in woodland. Try it on the edge of a trough or shaded area in the peaty garden.

Parahebe decoraPARAHEBE decora $8.00
A delicate-looking species with tiny leaves on dainty semi-prostrate trailing stems. Flowers white to pale pink, veined. Sun or part sun but not dry.

Penstemon pinifoliusPENSTEMON pinifolius $8.00
A low bushlet of bright green needles. Long slender tubes of fiery red in summer. Sun. H15cm x W35cm.

Penstemon procerus brachyanthus PENSTEMON procerus brachyanthus $8.00
Green mat. Clusters of bright blue tubular flowers on short stems in spring. Sun. H10cm x W25cm.

Phlox ApolloPHLOX Apollo $8.00
Green cushion. Stemless deep lavender flowers in early summer. sun. H5cm x W15cm. Perfect size for a trough.

Phlox CrackerjackPHLOX Crackerjack $8.00
Over a neat little hummock appear hundreds of stemless deep rose purple flowers in early summer. Sun. H5cm x W15cm. Excellent colour on a trough or rock garden.

Phlox Kelly's EyePHLOX Kelly's Eye $8.00
Compact carpets liberally covered with pale pink flowers with deep pink to red eyes. Rumour has it this was named for nurseryman John Kelly's eyes after he had had a late night on the town.

Phlox Oakington Blue EyesPHLOX Oakington Blue Eyes $8.00
Pale blue flowers in abundance over a mat of dark green foliage. Sunny walls, rockery. H15cm x W40cm.

Phlox Scarlet FlamePHLOX Scarlet Flame $8.00
Bright rose red flowers in abundance over a mat of dark green foliage. A lovely clear colour with no hint of magenta. Sunny walls, rockery. H15cm x W40cm.

Phlox TammyPHLOX Tammy (Phlox Tamaongalei) $8.00
A distinctive variety with abundant flowers of clear pink, each petal edged with white. H10cm x W40cm.

Phlox Violet QueenPHLOX Violet Queen $8.00
One of our favourite littlies. Cushions completely covered with perfumed soft purple flowers in early summer. H5cm x W30cm.

 X PHYLLIOPSIS Pinocchio $10.00
This dwarf evergreen shrub is a hybrid betweeen Phyllodoce and Kalmiopsis. Very bright pink flowers in clusters in late spring and summer. Cool leafy lime-free soil and part sun or shade.

Pinquicula grandiflora PINQUICULA grandiflora $8.00
A charming little insectiverous plant for a moist soil with dappled sunlight. Light yellowish green fleshy foliage and purple flowers somewhat like little violets. Winter dormant buds.

Platycodon grandiflorum Dwarf FormPLATYCODON grandiflorum Dwarf Form $8.00
Dwarf Balloon Flower. Grey green foliage from winter dormant roots in early summer. Large baggy flower buds open to showy blue flowers in summer. Small enough for the sunny rockery.

Polemonium speciesPOLEMONIUM species $8.00
A pretty dwarf Jacob's Ladder with compact foliage and china blue summer flowers which our visitors say smell like Sweet Peas. Sun or part sun and a fertile free-draining soil. H15cm.

Potentilla OaklandsPOTENTILLA Oaklands $8.00
A very nice shrubby Potentilla which flowers in summer. The flowers are the colour of rich cream and become flushed with strawberry pink as they mature. H35cm x W45cm.

Primula bulleyanaPRIMULA bulleyana $8.00
Candelabra Primula. Sturdy powdery stems carrying whorls of reddish buds opening to golden orange flowers. Moist fertile Coming into bud now.

Primula melanops PRIMULA chionantha melanops $8.00
Clumps of strappy foliage powdered with creamy white farina below, and strong stems topped with creamy powdered buds opening to scented purple bells in early summer. Cool positions with moist fertile soil. Winter dormant.

Pterocephalus perenne parnassiPTEROCEPHALUS perenne parnassi $8.00
The light pink short-stemmed flowers of this charming little Greek Scabious sit well with its soft grey foliage in late summer. Loves to snuck along crevices and over sunny terraces on the rock garden. H10cm x W30cm.

Raoulia grandifloraRAOULIA grandiflora $8.00
Very tight mats of sharply pointed metallic silver leaves with stemless white daisies in early summer. A sandy gritty soil with plenty of moisture in spring. Perfect for a trough garden dedicated to New Zealand alpines.

Raoulia hectoriRAOULIA hectori $8.00
As for the type but finer in the rosettes.

no photoRAOULIA hectori 'mollis' $8.00
As for the type but finer in the rosettes.

Salix x boydiiSALIX x boydii $9.00
A choice miniature Willow with rounded downy grey leaves and silvery cream stumpy wee catkins in spring. Very slow-growing, gnarled upright habit. Deciduous. Sun. H30 x W30.

Saxifraga grisebachii WisleySAXIFRAGA grisebachii Wisley Variety $9.00
Beautiful silver rosettes. Furry ruby pink stems terminating in glossy clusters of little wine red flowers. Plant in a position with morning sun or very late afternoon sun, a free-draining fertile soil with a dusting of dolomite lime stirred in. Some of you think this looks like a cacti and treat it accordingly. This is a BIG mistake. It will want only part sun in summer.

Saxifraga Kathleen PinsentSAXIFRAGA Kathleen Pinsent $8.00
This is a lovely Silver Saxifrage with rosettes of silvery lime-encrusted foliage and slender stems carrying pink buds opening to pink flowers which age to pure white. Delicious. Sun or part sun. Free-draining limey soil.

Saxifraga paniculata minutifoliaSAXIFRAGA paniculata minutifolia $8.00
This is the smallest Silver Saxifrage which we grow, tiniest silvery rosettes tightly packed into a wee carpet barely 1cm high. Creamy white flowers. Sun/part shade. Gritty limey soil.

Saxifraga pubescens SnowcapSAXIFRAGA pubescens Snowcap $8.00
A soft green cushion and short stems carrying several white flowers in spring. Cool fertile soil.

Saxifraga SnowdriftSAXIFRAGA Snowdrift $8.00
Attractive Silver Saxifrage with pure white flowers on red stems. Easy to grow in sun or part sun. Free-draining soil and a dusting of lime worked in.

Scilla adlamiiSCILLA adlamii $8.00
Strap-shaped olive green leaves finely stencilled with dark brown. Short purple stems of pink flowers in spring. Winter dormant bulbs. Sun. H10cm x W20cm.

Scutellaria adlamiiSCUTELLARIA alba $8.00
Soft pale green foliage in a low mound with short heads of white hooded flowers in summer. Part sun or shade will suit it. Winter dormant.

Senecio candidansSENECIO candidans $9.00
This excellent perennial is grown more for its handsome large silvery white leaves rather than the heads of golden daisies which can be removed if preferred. Sun and deep soil. Too large for the rockgarden but much sought after for floral art, landscaping and large sunny borders.

Silene acaulis albaSILENE acaulis alba $8.00
Compact apple green cushions with stemless flowers which are usually pink but in this form are pure white. Sun. H3cm x W20cm.

Silene Swan LakeSILENE Swan Lake $8.00
Large beautifully fragrant creamy white fully double flowers are produced in abundance on this trailing variety. Sun. Removal of faded blooms will result in months of continual flowering and pleasure. Excellent in baskets, on walls and rock gardens. H7cm x W40cm.

Silene hookeri ingramii SILENE hookeri ingramii $8.00
A choice North American species with a central root system from which radiate stems of downy grey foliage which carry a showy display of bright pink deeply lobed flowers in summer. Sunny position with free-draining soil. Winter dormant. Suitable for pot cultivation, troughs and raised beds. Uncommon.

Sorbus reductaSORBUS reducta $8.00
A dwarf Rowan with typical foliage and white flowers followed by white berries flushed with pink. Fiery red autumn foliage. Propagated from a non-suckering form. H30cm.

 THYMUS Elfin $8.00
Dark green buns of tiny leaves. The bright rose purple flowers appear on mats around the edge of the cushion and should be cut out completely after flowering. Sunny positions.

 THYMUS Lemon Spreader $8.00
A tight mat with a marvellous strong Lemon Verbena aroma. Without a doubt the purest sharpest lemon scent in this family and particularly popular for paving and seats. If you don't already have this we think you should, it really is excellent. Sun.

 TIARELLA cordifolia $8.00
Foam Flower. Dainty little white flowers on slender stems appear above a spreading carpet of light green foliage in late spring. A delightful plant for filling in between small Rhododendrons, Trilliums, and other shade-loving treasures. Winter dormant.

 TROLLIUS pumilus $8.00
A dwarf form of the Globe Flower. Shiny golden yellow bowl-shaped flowers appear over a tidy clump of deeply divided foliage in late spring. Easy in sun or part shade with fertile moist soil. Winter dormant.

Vaccinium delavayiiVACCINIUM delavayii $9.00
At first glance this looks rather like a little Rhododendron with its glossy rich green leaves and rust red new growth. However the cream bells and little edible Blueberries soon give the game away. Sun. Humus-rich lime-free soil. H30cm x W50cm.

Vaccinium vitis idaea KoralleVACCINIUM vitis idaea Koralle $9.00
This is a low-growing spreading evergreen Cowberry for a lime-free moist soil and a sunny site. It features palest pink bells in spring which are followed by tart but edible red berries in autumn and early winter. H12-15cm x W60-100cm. Selected for its heavier fruiting ability.

Verbascum LetitiaVERBASCUM Letitia $8.00
An uncommon shrubby dwarf Verbascum for a warm sunny position. Downy grey foliage and branching stems of primrose yellow flowers in early summer.

Vitaliana primulifloraVITALIANA primuliflora $8.00
Tight grey green cushion. Stemless canary yellow flowers in spring. A darling for a sunny nook in the rock garden or a trough. H5cm x W20cm.

Weldenia candidaWELDENIA candida $9.00
A choice South American, this is winter dormant until rather late in the spring when the broad leaves appear, to be joined in midsummer by beautiful three-petalled pure white flowers. Sun. Very gritty soil, with a 4cm deep collar of sharp gravel chips around the crown. H12cm x W30cm.



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