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JUNIPERUS communis compressa $8.00
The Noah's Ark Juniper makes a tight flame-shaped grey green conifer which never needs pruning. Our plants are a perfect size for planting and will take a good number of years to reach their ultimate height of approx. 1.5m. Sun.

KALMIOPSIS leachiana $9.00
A choice evergreen dwarf shrub for cool leafy lime-free soil and part sun or shade. Widely flared, crimped pink flowers with long protruding stamens. Seldom available.

KELLERIA dieffenbachii $8.00
A soft sage green mossy carpeter. Small white flowers at the branch tips. Sun. H5cm and W15cm.

A mat-forming European Edelweiss with abundant large white starry flowers in summer. Winter dormant. Sun. H8cm x W30cm.

Leucogenes grandicepsLEUCOGENES grandiceps $9.00
The attractive furry-foliaged form of the South Island Edelweiss from our local mountains. Downy silvery grey round flowerheads in early summer. Sun. A cool gritty root run such as a rocky crevice is ideal and it thrives here in a bed of pure sand, no humus. Just a few plants ready at present.

LEWISIA - Clumps of succulent rosettes with showy flowers from spring onwards. Will grow in sun if not hot and dry but we feel they are much happier in cooler positions with a lot of light. Fertile free-draining soil, water in the cool of the evening while they are flowering and keep the soil just moist in winter.

LEWISIA cotyledon hybrids $8.00
Evergreen rosettes with strong stems of showy flowers from spring onwards. This batch are from deep oranges to reds but are also likely to include glowing pinks to rose, also pink edged with white, sunset shades too. Mixed colours only, not flowered yet but buds are forming now on lovely fresh new stock. Will grow in sun if not hot and dry but we feel they are less stressed in cooler positions with a lot of light. Fertile free-draining soil, plenty of moisture while flowering, just moist in winter. Pull out flower stems as the flowers fade, for up to four flowerings a season. Excellent container plants.

LEWISIA columbiana rosea $8.00
This forms a clump of fleshy foliage and sends up slim stems terminating in lovely light pink flowers in early summer. Sun or part sun, and a fertile well-drained soil. Rock gardens, troughs and raised beds. H15cm.

LEWISIA leana Kardinal $8.00
The type species, Lewisia leana, is native to the American states of California and Oregon. From a thick central root radiate narrow fleshy leaves, and a cloud of little purple flowers appears on tall stems during summer. Evergreen. H20cm x W20cm.

MAZUS radicans $8.00
Carpets of mottled green leaves with stemless white flowers, marked gold and purple in the throat. Moist gritty fertile soil.

Mesembryanthemum Lavender TrailsMESEMBRYANTHEMUM Lavender Trails $8.00
This is a little fleshy-leaved plant for dry soils in sun or part sun. In the garden here it makes a superb cover beneath a Coffin Pine, spilling out into the sunshine over a stone wall. In spring and summer it produces thousands of little satiny pink flowers and is a delight. Frost tolerant to maybe -7C. H10cm x W1m.

MYOSOTIS Purple Mat $8.00
A self-sown seedling from our Myosotis Hokonui. It forms a neat mat of dull green foliage and the deep purple buds open to almost stemless purple flowers over a prolonged period. A worthwhile addition to your collection! Sun. Free-draining soils but not dry.

Myosotis traversiiMYOSOTIS traversii $8.00
Deep butter yellow flowers over a low bump of hairy dull olive green foliage. Will put on a better photo when we get one. Sun. Free-draining soils but not dry.

MYRTEOLA nummularia $8.00
This prostrate Myrtle has small aromatic leaves and white flowers followed by large white berries which take on a heavy rose pink flush with age. Cool peaty fertile soil. H5cm x W40cm.

NIEREMBERGIA repens $8.00
Carpets of spoon-shaped leaves over which appear huge white stemless flowers in late summer. This is a marvellous plant to put between paving stones and anywhere sunny although not dry where it can mosey about. Deciduous. H2cm x W30cm+.

OURISIA coccinea $8.00
A bright apple green carpet from South America with long slim flowers of fire engine red. Part shade. Fertile moist soil. Winter dormant. H20cm x W30cm.

OXALIS deppei $8.00
A sturdy growing bulbous species suited best to container cultivation. Typical clover foliage with brown markings and relatively tall stems of salmon pink funnel-shaped flowers.

PENSTEMON pinifolius $8.00
A low bushlet of bright green needles. Long slender tubes of fiery red in summer. Sun. H15cm x W35cm.

• PENSTEMON pinifolius Mersea Yellow $8.00
Pine-needle Penstemon. Low shrubby species. Tubular pale yellow flowers. H20cm x W30cm.

PHLOX adsurgens $8.00
Large soft peach pink white-eyed flowers at the tips of the prostrate stems in summer. Morning or late afternoon sun. Moist fertile soil. H10cm x W40cm.

PHLOX stolonifera Ariane $8.00
Trailing groundcover. Stems to 15cm high with large white flowers. Part shade preferred. Cool fertile soil.

PHLOX bifida $8.00
Beautiful pale blue deeply dissected flowers. Sun. Gritty fertile soil. H10cm x W30cm. Large plants, crammed with flower buds.

PHLOX Crackerjack $8.00
Over a neat little hummock appear hundreds of stemless deep rose purple flowers in early summer. Sun. H5cm x W15cm. Excellent colour on a trough or rock garden.

PHLOX douglasii alba $8.00
Pure white flowers on a snug little mat of tiny pointy leaves. The perfect choice for a sunny trough but also ideal on the rock garden. As with the other smaller Phloxes, this could be included in paving if foot traffic not heavy.

PHLOX Kelly's Eye $8.00
Compact carpets liberally covered with pale pink flowers with deep pink to red eyes. Rumour has it this was named for nurseryman John Kelly's eyes after he had had a late night on the town.

PHLOX Oakington Blue Eyes $8.00
Pale blue flowers in abundance over a mat of dark green foliage. Sunny walls, rockery. H15cm x W40cm.

PHLOX Scarlet Flame $8.00
Bright rose red flowers in abundance over a mat of dark green foliage. A lovely clear colour with no hint of magenta. Sunny walls, rockery. H15cm x W40cm.

Phlox TammyPHLOX Tammy (Phlox Tamaongalei) $8.00
A distinctive variety with abundant flowers of clear pink, each petal edged with white. H10cm x W40cm.

X PHYLLIOPSIS Pinocchio $10.00
This dwarf evergreen shrub is a hybrid betweeen Phyllodoce and Kalmiopsis. Very bright pink flowers in clusters in late spring and summer. Cool leafy lime-free soil and part sun or shade.

PINQUICULA grandiflora $8.00
A charming little insectiverous plant for a moist soil with dappled sunlight. Light yellowish green fleshy foliage and purple flowers somewhat like little violets. Winter dormant buds.

Polygonatum hookeriPOLYGONATUM hookeri $8.00
So very unlike the larger Polygonatums this little carpeting species from the Himalayas produces short stubby spikes of pink flowers sweetly scented like the Florists' Hyacinth. Winter dormant rhizomes. Part shade. H10cm x W40cm.

POTENTILLA nitida rubra $8.00
This choice little cushion of greyish green foliage carries relatively large flowers of deep rose on short stems in summer. Free-draining soil with lime. H5cm x W15cm.

POTENTILLA Oaklands $8.00
A very nice shrubby Potentilla which flowers in summer. The flowers are the colour of rich cream and become flushed with strawberry pink as they mature. H35cm x W45cm.

POTENTILLA pamiroalaica $8.00
A dainty little Potentilla for a sunny trough or a well-drained possy on the rock garden. Very furry little leaves and several clear yellow flowers per stem. Height 10-15cm.

Primula bulleyanaPRIMULA bulleyana $8.00
Candelabra Primula. Sturdy powdery stems carrying whorls of reddish buds opening to golden orange flowers. Moist fertile Coming into bud now.

PRIMULA pulverulenta $8.00
Large lush aromatic leaves from which rise strong stems carrying tiers of deep pink flowers in early summer. Most effective when planted in groups and will produce seedlings. Moist fertile soil during summer. Winter dormant.

PRIMULA zambalensis $8.00
A lovely Chinese Primula with tufts of rounded foliage from winter dormant crowns. Beautiful outward facing flowers of white to ice blue and pale lavender. H15-25cm. Part sun, cool fertile soils rather than hot or dry.

PTEROCEPHALUS perenne parnassi $8.00
The light pink short-stemmed flowers of this charming little Greek Scabious sit well with its soft grey foliage in late summer. Loves to snuck along crevices and over sunny terraces on the rock garden. H10cm x W30cm.

RANUNCULUS amplexicaulis $8.00
A Buttercup from the Pyrenees with pointed grey green leaves and 30cm stems of pure white bowls in summer. Winter dormant. Morning sun. Moist fertile free-draining soil.

RAOULIA grandiflora $8.00
Very tight mats of sharply pointed metallic silver leaves with stemless white daisies in early summer. A sandy gritty soil with plenty of moisture in spring. Perfect for a trough garden dedicated to New Zealand alpines.

Raoulia x loganiiRAOULIA x loganii $8.00
A very special woolly white cushion for the rock garden or in a trough. For gardeners wishing to try growing Vegetable Sheep this serves as an easier and affordable introduction. Sun. Gritty soil. H7cm x W20cm.

SAGINA boydii $8.00
Grown for its cushion habit this forms a very tight dome of glossy dark green rosettes. Moist soil, part sun.

Salix x boydiiSALIX x boydii $9.00
A choice miniature Willow with rounded downy grey leaves and silvery cream stumpy wee catkins in spring. Very slow-growing, gnarled upright habit. Deciduous. Sun. H30 x W30.

SAPONARIA Bressingham $8.00
Tight hummocks of fresh green leaves crowded with a very good display of showy bright pink flowers in summer. Sun. H5cm x W20cm.

Saxifraga cochlearis minorSAXIFRAGA cochlearis minor $8.00
Miniature silver dome/cushion. Slender stems of white flowers in summer. Sun. Lime. Just like a little lunar landscape. H15cm x W10cm.

SAXIFRAGA grisebachii Wisley Variety $9.00
Beautiful silver rosettes. Furry ruby pink stems terminating in glossy clusters of little wine red flowers. Plant in a position with morning sun or very late afternoon sun, a free-draining fertile soil with a dusting of dolomite lime stirred in. Some of you think this looks like a cacti and treat it accordingly. This is a BIG mistake. It will want only part sun in summer.

SAXIFRAGA Kathleen Pinsent $8.00
This is a lovely Silver Saxifrage with rosettes of silvery lime-encrusted foliage and slender stems carrying pink buds opening to pink flowers which age to pure white. Delicious. Sun or part sun. Free-draining limey soil.

SAXIFRAGA Peter Pan $8.00
This is a Mossy Saxifrage which will make a nice lush soft cushion in a partly sunny or well-lit shady position with cool fertile soil. Produces a good display of reddish pink flowers on short stems during spring. H10cm x W30cm.

SAXIFRAGA pubescens Snowcap $8.00
A soft green cushion and short stems carrying several white flowers in spring. Cool fertile soil.

SCILLA adlamii $8.00
Strap-shaped olive green leaves finely stencilled with dark brown. Short purple stems of pink flowers in spring. Winter dormant bulbs. Sun. H10cm x W20cm.

Scutellaria albaSCUTELLARIA alba $8.00
Soft pale green foliage in a low mound with short heads of white hooded flowers in summer. Part sun or shade will suit it. Winter dormant.

SENECIO candidans $9.00
This excellent perennial is grown more for its handsome large silvery white leaves rather than the heads of golden daisies which can be removed if preferred. Sun and deep soil. Too large for the rockgarden but much sought after for floral art, landscaping and large sunny borders.

SILENE acaulis alba $8.00
Compact apple green cushions with stemless flowers which are usually pink but in this form are pure white. Sun. H3cm x W20cm.

SILENE petersonii $8.00
Little tufts of narrow leaves rise from winter dormant rootstocks in summer along with large pink inflated flowers on short stems. Ideal for sunny troughs or in a wee group on the rockery.

TEUCRIUM subspinosum $9.00
An unusual and uncommon little shrublet for the rock garden or a trough in full sun. It makes a congested twiggy little bush of grey stems with tiny sparse leaves and little pink labiate flowers in summer.

THALICTRUM kiusianum $8.00
Lacy dark green carpets with abundant frothy pale lavender flowers in summer. Dainty groundcover around trilliums, dwarf rhododendrons etc. Winter dormant. Part shade. H15cm x W30cm.

THYMUS coccineus $8.00
Masses of bright rosy purple over a mat of tiny dark green leaves. Excellent late summer and autumn colour, grown from our very best form. Sun. Paving, walls, rock garden.

THYMUS Elfin $8.00
Dark green buns of tiny leaves. The bright rose purple flowers appear on mats around the edge of the cushion and should be cut out completely after flowering. Sunny positions.

TIARELLA cordifolia $8.00
Foam Flower. Dainty little white flowers on slender stems appear above a spreading carpet of light green foliage in late spring. A delightful plant for filling in between small Rhododendrons, Trilliums, Erythroniums and other shade-loving treasures. Winter dormant.

• TROLLIUS pumilus $8.00
A dwarf form of the Globe Flower. Shiny golden yellow bowl-shaped flowers appear over a tidy clump of deeply divided foliage in late spring. Easy in sun or part shade with fertile moist soil. Winter dormant.

ULMUS Yatsubusa $9.00
A dwarf Elm suitable for bonsai, the larger rock garden and containers. The small leaves have serrated edges and appear in spring. Just two available at present.

VACCINIUM vitis idaea Koralle $9.00
This is a low-growing spreading evergreen Cowberry for a lime-free moist soil and a sunny site. It features palest pink bells in spring which are followed by tart but edible red berries in autumn and early winter. H12-15cm x W60-100cm. Selected for its heavier fruiting ability.

VERBASCUM Letitia $8.00
An uncommon shrubby dwarf Verbascum for a warm sunny position. Downy grey foliage and branching stems of primrose yellow flowers in early summer.

VIOLA Marie Louise $8.00
Parma Violet. double flowers of soft blue with a wonderful perfume. Highly recommended groundcover for rich cool soil and light shade. H20cm x W40cm.

VITALIANA primuliflora $8.00
Tight grey green cushion. Stemless canary yellow flowers in spring. A darling for a sunny nook in the rock garden or a trough. H5cm x W20cm.

Wahlenbergia serpyllifolia majorWAHLENBERGIA serpyllifolia major $9.00
We are delighted to be able to offer this little treat again. Tight cushions of shiny deep green leaves wreathed in beautiful upturned bells of glowing deep purple. Adds rich colour to the early summer rockery and especially nice in a trough garden. Sun and a free-draining soil with a dusting of dolomite lime mixed in. H5cm x W20cm.

WELDENIA candida $9.00
A choice South American, this is winter dormant until rather late in the spring when the broad leaves appear, to be joined in midsummer by beautiful three-petalled pure white flowers. Sun. Very gritty soil, with a 4cm deep collar of sharp gravel chips around the crown. H12cm x W30cm.



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