These are the Shed projects I`ve carried out over a number of years for my children and others. I enjoyed making them and I hope the children they were made for enjoyed playing with them. Included are comments and stories about their making and use to hopefully turn this into more than a dry album of pictures. I hope you enjoy this site. Bearing in mind it is an unfinished work. I will add pictures of new projects as they are done.
13 July 2006

This Projects website has been updated and given a fresh new look. We have also included projects missed in the first version. James has done a brilliant job as much of the new set up was coded by hand!
09 February 2007


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25/03/08 - 'Bascinet' Added to Armour
06/05/07 - 'Finger Gauntlets Ver. 2' Added to Armour
10/02/07 - New Design Uploaded.
17/01/07 - New Design Created.
24/10/06 - 'Sallet' Added to Armour


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