Pipy Wheels by Philip Poore and Ray Chisholm - a comparison

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How can you tell whether your Pipy was made by Philip Poore, or by Ray Chisholm who took over the business from him in 1982? There may be a signature or initials under the table, but not always. This photo-essay by Stella Lange may help.

Your Pipy may not be exactly like either of the ones illustrated here. It's important to remember that both makers changed details of their designs over time, and both also employed other craftsmen in their workshops. Consider the general feel of the turning, particularly the tips of the maidens: Poore's turning is often crisper, whereas Chisholm Pipys are more rounded. However, there are exceptions and there is no hard-and-fast way to tell for sure by just looking at the wheel.

Two Pipys from the front Two Pipys from the back

Two Pipys from the end Two Pipys from the end

Philip Poore wheel join Ray Chisholm wheel join

The construction used by Ray Chisholm, with joins at 45 degrees to the radial axis, is rare. Apparently it may not be as strong as the normal felloes but is more economical of wood. Some Chisholm wheels have the more usual radial felloes.
I have now learned that in fact the 45 degree felloes were used occasionally by both Philip Poore and Ray Chisholm, possibly when the shape better suited the wood they had on hand. So this feature cannot be used as an indication of date. Added by Mary Knox, 13 September 2010

Philip Poore maidens and flyer assembly Maiden of another Philip Poore wheel Ray Chisholm maidens and flyer assembly

Philip Poore back maiden and spindle support Ray Chisholm back maiden and spindle support

Philip Poore orifice showing hook Ray Chisholm orifice showing hook

Philip Poore orifice Ray Chisholm orifice

Philip Poore tension screw handle Ray Chisholm tension screw handle

Philip Poore front wheel post and bearing Ray Chisholm front wheel post and bearing

Philip Poore base of wheel post and leg pin Ray Chisholm base of wheel post and leg pin

Philip Poore Ray Chisholm

Philip Poore drive wheel grooves Ray Chisholm drive wheel grooves

Orifice hooks