Jo & Danny's Wedding

26 February 2000

The Official Bit

cere-1.jpg (30764 bytes) This was held in a private garden two houses up from Jo's parent's place in Leith Valley in Dunedin.
cere-2.jpg (27429 bytes) All together now.... aaahhhhhhh!

Who's under that hat??

cere-3.jpg (28424 bytes) "What do we do now?"
cere-4.jpg (24156 bytes) "I need a drink!"

The Fans

theboys.jpg (22806 bytes) Who are these handsome chaps?  That'll be (L to R) Chris, Greg, and Kelsey.
thegirls.jpg (17126 bytes) Dan scores 10/10 from the girls.  At back (L to R) Jo, Jo, Megan, and front (L to R) Sarah, Sarah, Alex.

The Party

recep-1.jpg (19560 bytes) Poor Jo has to pour her own drink as the lads are too busy checking out the TAB odds on tonight's game.
recep-2.jpg (20871 bytes) The wedding was almost called off as the Highlanders were playing at the same time at the Brook.  Taine and the boys kindly provided Jo with a signed ball as compensation.
recep-3.jpg (14401 bytes) Phil, stop trying to have the cheesiest grin!!
recep-4.jpg (19445 bytes) At long last - after the lonnnng speeches (aye Phil?!!) time for dinner.  Yumm!  Thanks to Cargills for the great venue and feed.

The Honeymoon

honey-1.jpg (18045 bytes) For obvious reasons we cannot divulge too much about this, but here's a snap taken somewhere on the Abel Tasman National Park coast between Anchorage and Onetahuti (Tonga) Bay.  Jo's relegated to the front cockpit of the kayak coz she can't paddle in time and she steers the boat in circles.   (We will let Danny live in his little dream world that he is perfect at kayaking - Jo).



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