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14 May 2005   new.gif (304 bytes)   It’s been a couple of years since our last update, but not an awful lot has changed in that time so the news below is generally pretty much up to date.  Big news though is that I (Danny) have a new job.  Wattie’s made me an offer to return that I just couldn’t refuse, and so after 4 years at Pan Pac, and 5 years away from Wattie’s (apart from a short contract), I’m back in the corporate fold as Packaging Development Manager.  Jo still works at Wattie’s, as one of a handful of Product Development Managers, so together we are doing good things to promote inter-departmental communication!  Site of the month: Everyone with a high-speed internet connection (or else a lot of patience) needs to go to the Beanman web site.


5 April 2003     Just a quick wee update on what we've been up to for the last few months.  New Years was spent canoeing on the Whanganui River with Stephen & Ceridwen which was a blast.  But then the remainder of the summer has been taken up with house painting, so unfortunately no major expeditions into the hills.  But we have taken the time to head down towards Wellington for a couple of weddings lately: Ross & Shaz, and Mary & Vaughan.  Painting has almost ceased for the summer, so we'll be making up for lost time over winter - have paid for our Ruapehu season passes already!  The 10 days over Easter/Anzac will be spend down in Otago, mainly for a wedding but also for a general tiki tour around - we may get to climb the Tasman glacier yet!


Dan in the Whirinaki Forest20 December 2002     It has been a while since we last updated our web site....... so as 2002 comes to an end we thought we should put some highlights together. I am taking the initiative to learn how to do this web site thing so if it doesn't look so good, I hope to get better next time......lets hope the frequency of updates increases in 2003. I hope you all have a great Christmas & New Year - Jo.   [more]


Jo skiing down from the summit of Ruapehu (23094 bytes)10 October 2001      Here's is the long-overdue update on what Jo & I have been up to over the last five months or so.  Our web site still contains reasonably updated stuff - it's now been moved to: but the old address will get redirected for a while... [more]


2 October 2001       Finally got around to adding some pictures from our ski holiday last month.  This is an interim version only with a few pics as we though we'd better get something out.  Stay tuned for the final, more complete account of our holiday soon... [more]


Pan Pac Pulp Division, Whirinaki, with Napier across the Bay (13585 bytes)26 August 2001    Here we are nearing the end of our third month in our new house - time is going so fast!!  I have been in my new job at Pan Pac for five weeks now, and really enjoying it so far.  And at the end of next week we are off down south with Bruce & Janet for a week of skiing - flying from Napier to Christchurch, having a night at the old haunts, then hiring a 4WD and hooning to Mt Hutt, Wanaka, Queenstown, everywhere in between, and then back!  Stay tuned, as we will be publishing an account of our exploits here soon after.  (PS: At popular request from various geographically-challenged friends, here is a map of NZ).


4 July 2001      Danny's contract at HWA runs out at the end of next week, and he has just accepted a job as a Production/Systems Engineer in the Pulp Division of Pan Pac Forest Products.  Initially to be managing the implementation of a new MIS system, as well as general production engineering stuff like process development and optimisation.  Time to dredge my brain for everything I once knew about programming, unit operations, and mass and energy balances!


Our new house - moving in Queen's Birthday weekend (20580 bytes)7 May 2001      Well, here we are in sunny (?) Hawkes Bay, having recently (two months ago now!) arrived back from our year in Christchurch. While our time in Christchurch was very interesting and enjoyable, it's still great to be back.... [more]


6 February 2001    Hi All, just a quick e-mail to let you know that Danny and I are on the move again. We are off back to Hawke's Bay where I have accepted a Product Development job still within Heinz Watties developing products for the Good Taste Company (our Fresh Soups and Sauces brand). Danny has resigned from Macpac to spend some time being a kept man, although so far he has three offers for apple picking. [Aahhh... sunshine, fresh air, exercise, low-stress, Swedish backpackers.... lovely!!].  I leave Christchurch on the 24 Feb and Danny a week later (it's Danny's turn to deal with the movers!) So far we have no where to live but will let you know when we do. For now we now spending our last weeks here doing all those things still on our must do list! This weekend it the Marlborough Food & Wine festival.  For those of you in the Bay - see you soon.


Iris Burn, Fiordland14 January 2001    Jo and Danny's Excellent Adventure.  Our summer holiday started on the Friday before Christmas, when we packed up the Toyota and headed south to Dunedin.  We spent the weekend with Jo's parents, caught up with friends, ate Christmas dinner, and late on Monday we headed south to Invercargill.   We found that there was no shortage of motel accommodation, either because it was Christmas day or because it was Invercargill, so we got a nice room for what was to be our last night of relative comfort for nearly two weeks...  [more]


6 November 2000     Sorry for the lack of interesting updates over the last few weeks, but we are both horrendously busy at the moment and can't seem to find the time to devote to our wee web site.  We are both very busy - Jo is preparing hard for a work trip to Australia, and I am studying hard for my last exam of the year (Graduate Marketing Policy) for my DipBusAdmin(Marketing).   Assuming I pass (which at the moment is a fairly even call!) I will be exactly halfway through: four papers down and four to go!!  After this Friday we'll try hard to get the web site properly updated!!


7 October 2000    Well here we are still in Christchurch.  I know that's not as exciting an introduction as some we've seen lately, but it's hard to beat introductions like this:  "We are still in the land of Inca Kola, unfortunately.  The peasants are revolting in Bolivia and are blocking all the roads.  The only way in or out is to fly to/from La Paz, which is not really that good as you are essentially stuck there.  Fingers crossed the police will shot them all and we can keep travelling." (Ruth, 5 Oct).... [more]


7 July 2000    Yes, yes, shock-horror I'm actually getting around to emailing people!  Now pick yourselves up off the floor.  I guess it's been at least 3 months since the last DanMail, so no doubt there's been some interesting news in that time.... [more]


Danny at Nelson Lakes (15116 bytes)Our BBQ (13371 bytes)6 April 2000    I am now officially a man of leisure (well for a few days anyway).  I finished up at Wattie's yesterday, and am now a fully-qualified house-husband.  This will no doubt be the last update to this while we are living in Napier; the next time we make any changes we will be in the South Island!! (see photo at left, taken at Nelson Lakes).  I am at home for a couple of days doing house-husbandly things such as defrosting the old fridge/freezer in the garage (that we use exclusively for beer and burger patties), purging the LPG bottle, cleaning the oven and BBQ (see picture at right), and of course updating our web site.  I head down to Wellington tomorrow (Friday) and then catch the Lynx to Picton on Saturday morning.  Jo is following the next week.  So I get to go flat-hunting in Chch and Jo gets to organise the movers and clean the house.  Sounds like a fair trade to me!  I start work at Macpac on Monday 10 April, and Jo has the next week off and starts back at Hornby after Easter.  If we forget to let anyone know our new address etc then please let us know!  Cheerio for now!


Danny and Jo in Dunedin (15317 bytes)15 March 2000      We are back at work, we are fit and tanned, and we are MARRIED!!   Check out this page of photos for a few select snaps of the day.  Also, we are about to move to Christchurch!!  I have a job as Manufacturing Engineer at Macpac Wilderness Equipment Ltd, and Jo is either going to get a transfer to the Wattie's plant in Hornby, or is going to be a kept woman and/or ski bum (I'm jealous).  I finish up at Wattie's on 5 April, and Jo finishes at the end of the following week.


15 Feb 2000     Our big news for this week is that this is our last week at work!!  Then we're off on holiday for three weeks!!  First we are off to Dunedin (where we are getting married), then we will spend the next few days travelling up through Akaroa, Christchurch, and Hanmer Springs, through to Marahau.  Then follows a week tramping, kayaking, and relaxing in and around the Abel Tasman National Park.  Then we will travel back through Nelson and Wellington, and back to Napier.  Very exciting!!  So stay tuned - no doubt there will be more to tell, and perhaps pictures to show, upon our return.  And by the way, don't think about burgling our house while we're away, coz it's being looked after!


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