It's Danny and Jo


Danny This is Danny.  He looks like he has something growing out of his head, but not to worry - it's just a planty thing growing down the lounge wall.  He works as a Production/Systems Engineer in the Pulp Division at Pan Pac Forest Products, Whirinaki.  He's originally from Wellington, and studied Technology and Engineering at Massey and VUT while avoiding a real job.  Since then Danny has also worked for Heinz Wattie's Australasia in Hastings, and for Macpac Wilderness Equipment in Christchurch.   Outside of work, Danny enjoys kayaking, tramping, skiing, and mountain biking, but nowhere near as often (or as coordinated) as he'd like.  In his youth he has also done a fair bit of rock climbing and mountaineering, but these days such activities seem to have dropped by the wayside somewhat (i.e. a lack of surviving partners!).  Danny's aim in life to to be a kept man.


Jo This is Jo.  She's got a lot more hair in these photos than normal (like Danny!).  Jo used be called Jo Sheath but now she's married to Danny!  Jo's from Dunedin, and studied Food Science and Nutrition at Otago, but despite that she's turned out quite normal.  Jo  works at Heinz Wattie's Australasia, Hastings, in one of the Product Development teams, where she develops new chilled soup products for the Good Taste Company range.  She's keen on a good game of rugby, and a staunch supporter of the Highlanders (despite the obvious oxymoron).  Jo's also keen on many outdoor pursuits, including mountain biking and tramping, and has recently become hooked on skiing (yes, never skied before despite coming from the deep frozen South!).

Have a look at some miscellaneous pictures of us if you like from a few years ago, or have a look at some wedding photos from February 2000.  And here are some pictures from our year in Christchurch 2000-2001.

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