Velikovsky's Synchronisms

As given in Ages in Chaos and Rameses and His Time.

DateEgyptJudah, Palestine and SyriaChaldeaLydia-PhrygiaMedia-PersiaGreece
PriorAlyattes becomes king of Lydia (-617), wages war against MiletusReign of Cyaxares (-634 to -597)
615Cyaxares fights at Nineveh (-612) Solon (Athens)
610Ramses II sole ruler (-609)Josiah mortally wounded in battle (-608). Jehoiakim becomes king (-608 to -598)Death of Nabopolassar Mursilis (-607)
605Battle of CarchemishReign of Nergil (Nergilissar I) Lamash-MardukThales (Miletut)
600Nebuchadnezzar usurps the throne (ca. -600)
595Astyages becomes king of Media (-594)
590Treaty with Nebuchadnezzar (ca. -588)Zedeklah blinded. Fall of Jerusalem (-587)Treaty with Ramses II (ca. -588)
585Exile to Babylon
580Ramses II marries a daughter of Nebuchadnezzar (-577)Gedaliah killed
575Jeremiah in Egypt
570Accession of Merneptah (ca. -569)Nebuchadnezzar visits Ramses II
565Libyan War of Merneptah (Apries)EzekielPisistratus
560Death of Nebuchadnezzar. Reign of Evil-MardukDeath of Alyattes. Croesus becomes king (-560)Cyrus becomes king of Persia
555Reign of Nergilissar II
550Reign of Labash Marduk II (?) Croesui sacks Boghazkoi (-546)Croeius sacks Hattusas (Boghazkoi). End of the kingdom of Lydia (-546)Cyrus conquers Lydia (-546)Solon (640-558)
545Cyrus conquers Lydia, captures Croesus
540Nabonidus and Belshazzar (-556 to -538) Cyrus conquers Babylon (-538)Cyrus conqueri Babylon (-538)
535Cyrus' edict concerning the return of Jewish exiles. First exiles returnCyrus conquers Babylon with Nabonides or his son co-ruler. Belshazzar comes. The end of the Neo-Babylonian (Chaldean) Empire
530Zerubbabel (fl. 520)Polycrates of Samos
525Amasis dies (525); followed by Psammetich; Cambyses conquers Egypt (525)Cambyses (529-521) conquers Egypt
520Ourmai's letter of lamentDarius I (521-485) the Great
515Haggai, Zechariah, prophets. Beginning of the period known as "Second Commonwealth" ending in the year 70 of present eraDarius visits Egypt (517)
510Darius I builds canal to Suez Gulf, codifies Egyptian laws, builds military-religious outposts in Western oases and a Jewish military outpost in Elephantine
505Pythagoras dies (ca. 507)
490Battle at Marathon
485Xerxes rules over Egypt and Sudan; High Priest AmenhotepXerxes (485-465)
480Esther romance
475Wars, founding of Persepolis
470Court procedures in tomb robberies; government of western Thebes invested
465Inaros' rebellion against Persia (-460); Amyrtaeus IArtaxerxes I (465-424)Athenians send troops to help Inaros
460Arsames appointed satrap over Egypt; High Priest Amenhotep, for supporting Inaros, removed by Pinehas, military commander Age of Pericles (460-409) begins
455Arsames makes Ah-hapi his administratorAeschylus (b. 525) dies (456)
450Arsames appoints Psamtek to govern southern Egypt and Nekht-nebef to govern northern Egypt; Psamtek sends corn to Athens; Greek and Carian mercenaries at Abu Simbel
445Nehemiah arrives In Jerusalem (445). Opposition: Eliashib, high priest; Malachi, prophetSacred War (449-448): Athens vs. Sparta; thirty-year peace signed (445)
440Nekht-nebef governor of northern Egypt; Herihor appointed high priest (438)
430Nesunebded appointed governor atTanisSecond visit of Nehemiah (433)Peloponnesian War (431-404)
420Nekht-hor-heb appointed by Ar-sames governor of Egypt (424)Darius II Nothus (424-404) helped by Arsames to the throne
415Wenamon sent by Herihor to Byblos (419)Ezra, the Scribe, arrives in Jerusalem (417)Sophocles (b. 496). Euripides (b. 489)
410Jewish Temple at Elephantine destroyed
405Wenamon builds Aghurmi temple in Siwa oasis; Nekht-hor-heb mourns Arsames
400Amyrtaeus II seizes power. High Priest Peinuzem IArtaxerxes II (404-358) Anabasis; Cyrus the YoungerXenophon in Cyrus the Younger's march. Thucydides (ca. 460-00. 400)
395Nepherites establishes native ruleSocrates' trial and death (399)
390Corinthian War (394-387)
385Acoris (393-380); High Priest Psusennes
375Nectanebo I (Ramses III-Nekht-a-Neb) on the throne (379)
370Phamabazus brings his troops from Asia Minor, is opposed by Chabrias, then helped by Iphiorates
360Tachos (Ramses IV)Agesilaus leaves for Egypt (361)
355Nectanebo II (Ramses VI) starts sixteen-year reignArtaxerxes III (355-338)
350High Priest Peinuzem rewraps the mummy of Nectanebo I (Ramses III)Demosthenes against Philip (-351)
340Nectanebo flees from victorious Artaxerxes IIIArtaxerxes III defeats Nectanebo IIAristotle in Macedonia (342-332)
335Second Persian domination of Egypt (342-332); PetosirisDarius III (336-330)Alexander succeeds Philip (336)
330Alexander in Egypt, founded Alexandria, received by High Priest Menkheperre in Siwa oasisEnd of Persian Empire (-331)
325Ptolemy, son of Lagus, ruler of EgyptAlexander in Central Asia and Indus ValleyPhilip Arrhidaeus
320Ptolemy I (Soter) crowned king (308-285)Alexander dies in Babylon (-323)Hellenistic period of Greek history starts
315Ptolemy I in war with Seleucus
310Berosus composes history of Assyria-BabyloniaSeleucus I builds Antioch
300Euclid (fl. 300)
295Peinuzem II high priest
285Ptolemy II (Philadelphus (283-246)
280Manetho composes history of Egypt
275High Priest Si-amon builds in Memphis, seals the cache with royal mummies, supervises the transfer of Thutmose I obelisks from Heliopolis to Alexandria, builds himself a tomb in Siwa oasis
270Aristarchus of Samos
255Eratosthenes, librarian of Alexandria library
245Archimedes in Alexandria; Septuagint translation of the BibleArchimedes of Syracuse
235Ptolemy III (Euergetes) (246-221); Canopus Decree (238)First Punic War