Cerulean British.

Cerulean British came into being in 1978 after my husband decided to give me a pedigree kitten for a Wedding Anniversary Present. We looked through every cat encyclopaedia and discussed every likely breed, finally settling on British. A decision we have never regretted, despite all the new breeds.
My husband Garry purchased Suvette Ophelia born 22 December 1977, from Wellington Breeders for $120.00.
We had showed a couple of domestics in the 1973 Felix National and a few other shows but were really still novices. In the late 1970’s Siamese were very popular and there were few British on the show benches. We often heard the general public comment that our ‘pride and joy’, our ‘most special cat’, looked just like the moggy down the road.
Though moggy’s, usually have green eyes instead of orange and no British had any white!
Suvette Ophelia went on to do very well at the cat shows and have many beautiful kittens. She finally passed away in May 1996 aged 18 years.

We had kept a female from her first litter, Cerulean Chelsea who had the most incredible personality. While still a maiden Queen she allowed her mother’s second litter of kittens suckle off her, and she even produced milk. We also found out with Chelsea, just how small the gap in the window, a fat British kitten/cat could squeeze out. We would leave her shut in the house when we went to work, to find her sitting on the doorstep when we arrived home. We were lucky the local Tomcat never chanced upon her!
Unfortunately there were no suitable studs available in NZ at the time, so we sent a maiden Queen to Australia for mating. After arriving back from her extended holiday, she had just one kitten, Cerulean Garry John (the name is another story); the first NZ bred Grand Champion British.
Chelsea loved beds, actually getting into them to be exact. She used to go to bed with my eldest daughter; from the time my daughter was about 4 years old. The blonde head and the blue always shared the pillow. When Chelsea got older my daughter used to take a hot water bottle to bed, for the cat of course. Chelsea passed away in 1996, one month to the day after her mother, aged 17 years.

Cerulean Garry John sired many wonderful kittens and we still have many of his grandsons with us today. One beautiful blue up and coming stud, the other a cream neuter who has inherited his great grandmothers love of beds. GJ spent his retirement with the same daughter and on the same bed as his mother. He just took over the entire pillow. GJ passed away in 1998.
We imported many true Brits from England in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to expand our lines and colours. We brought the first tipped into NZ in 1986 and had a lot of enjoyment from these gentle British. We now breed and enjoy tortoiseshell, blue cream, red, cream, black, black smoke but the British Blue is still our ‘true Brit’.
From our experience we believe the British are truly the teddy bears of the cat world, requiring human companionship, a warm bed and a well-stocked fridge and pantry.
A Siamese will walk across a mantle piece or table and nothing will be displaced, a British will walk across and everything will be on the floor. You often hear, a British walking or running can sound a lot like a herd of elephants!
My kittens are all bred and raised inside our family home to be friendly and bomb proof, all the cats sleep side by side with our dog and my daughters rabbit, who surprisingly chases the cats around rather than ending up as dinner, lucky for her really!
I pride myself on breeding the best kitten for you, our kittens love attention, and they make great pets for children, companions for the elderly or just a new member of your family.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or inquiries.