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“Our aim is to be part of the gospel imperative to transform minds and put faith in God into practice.”

Now over 10 years old, Stimulus continues to draw readers, writers and comment. As its name implies, Stimulus provides provocative and challenging material for thoughtful readers. Themes discussed in recent issues include:

-     Sexuality and Christ
-     The gay-basher’s Bible
-     Development
-     Reverence for matter
-     Faith as fiction
-     Transformative justice
-     Entrepreneurship sources
-     Science and religion
-     History, religion and war
-     Christian community

-     Marriage and divorce
-     Care and wholeness
-     James K. Baxter
-     The righteous rich
-     Alternative worship
-     Intelligent design
-     Eco-theology
-     Terrorism and religion
-     The Christian mind

We have also published interviews with prominent thinkers. We feature a number of regular columns – St Imulus, Pulpit, Models & Metaphors, Gospel & our Culture(s). We also include letters, cartoons and stimulating book reviews.

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