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Frederick Daniel Basire arrived in Port Chalmers aboard the Mary on 4 April 1849. Also arriving here on the Mary were Thomas and Sarah Taylor, their daughters Susannah and Sarah and son John. Frederick and Susannah were married and founded the 'Basire Family in New Zealand'.

The passage of the Mary

Thomas Taylor, arrived on the Mary in Port Charmbers 4/4/1849
Thomas Taylor
Sarah Mary Ann Wentworth, married Thomas, also on the Mary with Husband and Daughters & son
Sarah Taylor
Frederick Daniel Basire, Arrived on the Mary 4/4/1849
Frederick Basire
Susannah Sarah Thomas, daughter of Thomas & Sarah, also on the Mary, Married Frederick Daniel
Susannah Basire
nee Taylor
Albert Basire, son of Frederick & Susannah
Albert Basire
Elizabeth Covell, Married Albert
Elizabeth Basire
Frederic Covell Basire, son of Albert & Elizabeth
Frederic Basire
Doris Anne Catherine Goldie, Married Frederic
Doris Basire
Ian James Basire, second son of Frederic & Doris
Ian Basire
Margaret Allison Hall, Married Ian
Allison Basire
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