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Paeroa Cycle
5 to 9 May 2014
19 of us from "BikeKapiti50Plus" based ourselves in Paeroa to do some cycling on the Thames - Paeroa Cycle Rail-Trail.
Day 1: Saw us on the way from Paeroa to Thames. a bit of a head wind all the way which, although it was generally flat, meant for a bit of a push.
We called in at the Cheese Barn on the way and had a coffee and muffin - good. Looked at the various cheeses and thought that we should buy some on the way back.
After some lunch at Thames I was really enjoying riding with the wind behind us when bang my rear tyre blew out - I could fit three gingers into the tyre right down to the rim. We had a spare tube but no use putting that into the tye in that state. We were about 1km past the Cheese Barn so I walked back while the others (including Allison) biked on back to Paeroa. A two hour wait at the Cheese Barn while Allison rode back and fetched the car - she did have an icecream on the way (which she deserved!). I bought a selection of cheeses to justify my presence (which we had for dinner that night it being our turn to provide dinner.
Day 2: A ride to Waihi. This was a really enjoyable ride - beautiful scenery through the Karangahake Gorge and more variety than the other two days. Although I had torches going through the rail tunnel I walked most of the way (as did others) as it was quite disorientating not being able to see the sides of the tunnel and it always felt as though you were about to hit the side. We snacked at the Waikino Station then cycled on following up the river to Waihi. Visited the Gold Mine Pit (nobody wanted to bike around it with me!) then into town for some lunch.
On the way back John's tyre blew out (he blamed it on my tyre giving his ideas!). His was not quite as bad and he put a bit of a sleeve in with a new tube. That helped him ride on a few more kms but after the tunnel he was persuaded to wait at the main car-park to the Windows Walk for someone to go back for a car - Bill volunteered.
This time most of us (me included) were able to stay on our bikes through the tunnel. Marg had a terrific bike light which lit up the sides of the tunnel not just a little spot in front of the bike.
As our car was behind Bill's in the driveway Allison had to hare back trying to keep up with Bill so she could let him out. I was not into the pace at this time and Allison soon got 100s of metres in front.
Day 3: We were off to Te Aroha. Just a few kms on the way we came across a man putting out a sign for Devonshire Teas. He seemed quite disappointed that none of us stopped to partake (too early in the day!).
At Te Aroha we found our way to the hot pools and some of us had a good soak (although not as hot as it might have been, still a good freshener!)
Lunch at Ironique(?) before heading back. This time we did stop for Devonshire teas. Before that stop I was flagging and could only maintain 11 to 14kph. They really laid on the scones & cream & Jam. I looked at a dish of jam still sitting there and decided it had to go - and go it went! Back on the saddle for the few ks back to Paeroa I was going easily at 18 to 20kph! The rest of them watched me dissappear ahead in wonderment - I must remember to have a real enery boost with me for another occasion.
Sunday 11 March 2007 Today there were to be Dragon Boat races, and the Trust House Women's Tour of New Zealand, Criterium Race through the main streets of the city.
We went into town and visited a dear friend in hospital. Lunched on a pizza at the Mediteranian Warehouse in Newtown. Then on to the Dragon Boat racing at Queen's Wharf. Called in at the Paraparaumu College tent but no-one there so went on and watched the college boy's final. Could not see the Paraparaumu College team anywhere so went on to see what we could of the Women's cycle race. Found out later that the Paraparaumu College Dragon Boaters were in the mixed final so we could have stayed and watched them race (they came last in the final but at least had made the final).
Wandered up Lambton Quay to see women cyclists going around the circuit - found out that they were on the warm up. Continued on and found ourselves right at the start line with the contestants
NZ Symphony Orchestra
Tuesday 24 March 2007
This was the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, 60th Birthday concert. This was a 'free' concert with everyone who purchased a 'Birthday Party' ticket also getting a ticket to the concert. Others could pick up their free tickets at Ticketek outlets. Being 'up north' on the Kapiti Coast we did not have a chance to go in and pick up tickets so decided to 'attend' at the alternative venue, "bring your deck chairs and picnic tea and watch the performance on the 'big screen' in Civic Square". So we packed our deck chairs in the car boot and drove into Wellington where we arrived just on 6pm for the 6:30 concert. Carrying our chairs and things we passed the Ticketek Office and thought it worth calling in 'just in case they had some free tickets left'. Evidently they had run out of these a couple of weeks beforehand, but we were hardy through the doors when we were asked if we wanted tickets inside. "These sets have only just been released". With tickets in hand we went back to the car to deposit the deck chairs. Back at the Town Hall we bought ourselves a glass of Merlot each and found our way to our seats. These were among the 'best seats' in the hall (in the centre of the gallery, just a few rows behind Helen [our Prime Minister], [Mayor] Kerry and other dignitaries. Here we were, in our picnic clothes (shorts and tee-shirts!) surrounded by ladies in long frocks and men in tuxedo and bow ties.
A great concert, thoroughly enjoyed.
Monday 5 March 2007 This week is 'Walk Week' initiated by Sport Kapiti. Each day from Monday to Sunday we have a designated meeting point and walk for up to two hours. Most of the group are 'Thursday Walkers' so this week we have a 'Thursday' every day of the week!
On Monday it was up the hill through the Nikau Reserve, through a beautiful grove of Nikau Palms and other native bush. Then out along the tops with glorious views of the Kapiti Coast. On down to Jane's place where we were treated to a barbecue.
Tuesday saw us walking from Waikanae to PekaPeka and back along the beach. Lunch was at 'The Front Room'.
Wednesday we met in Queen Elizabeth Park, walked down the beach to Paekakariki then back along the streets and through the park.
Thursday was a different walk from our 'usual Thursday' programme when we walked along the stop bank on the North side of the Otaki River. This walkway has recently been opened up to the public. We will use it again in our regular walks. That day we were joined by members of the Probus Club with a record of about 45 walkers taking part.
Friday's walk was from the Raumati swimming pool when a small group (only 6 of us including Suzie from Kapiti Sports) walked along streets and reserves, around past the airport and back down the beach. Lunch at the 'Garden Deli'.
On Saturday we had a good turn-out for a walk along the Maungakotukutuku Valley.
We did not join in the Sunday walk which was from the Otaihanga Domain and back along the beach towards Paraparaumu.
A great week which must have helped to keep me fit!
About Me

I am married to Allison, live on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand and have now been retired for some 12 years, enjoying life and not having any problem filling in my days.

Most days I either have a run, a good walk (a good walk is anything over an hour and a half) or a bike ride. I am involved in orienteering and I am not sure if I "keep fit to orienteer", or "orienteer to keep fit"!

I sing in [bass] in our local choir (The Kapiti Chorale Inc). We practice every Monday evening and usually hold three public concerts each year.

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