B E Turner's Novels 
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The Road Goes On   The Road Goes On is an historical novel set in New Zealand in the first half of the twentieth century. It tells the life story of a swagman, Rowdy Jack, so called because he is a quiet man. The swagman is a phenomenon that has virtually disappeared from our  modern society. Called in other cultures a tramp, he was a homeless wanderer who carried his total possessions in a swag. He survived by stopping at farmhouses and doing odd jobs for a meal and shakedown. The book presents an authentic picture of this way of life.

A Day For Waving     A Day for Waving is the story of one woman’s journey. Lucy has had a long and fruitful life. On the final day she remains awake all night waiting for daylight to come and during this time reflects on her life from childhood. It is a journey from darkness into light.

Dreamers  This book is a rearrangement of Mills and Boon mythology. Set In Wellington, NZ, in 1989 it tells of a love story  between Thomas Young-Felo, the middle-aged proprietor of a second hand bookshop, and Katherine de Bris, a bright young teacher of English in a secondary school. But would they ever get together to form a relationship? Was she looking for a father? Was he looking for a daughter? Would they become lovers, or just friends, or would they come together only in the world of dreams?

Research notes for The Gospel According to Brian  This work in progress presents an alternative view of the events surrounding the Passion of Jesus Christ. The notes are written in the form of a book of several chapters which could be published in itself. As the draft chapters are completed they will be made available as free PDF files.