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The following are my full length plays. In some cases a full length play will consist of a collection of linked one act plays.

A three act romantic comedy concerning a relationship between a younger woman and an older man. Act 1 can also be presented as a one act play. Cast: 1f, 1m. First performance: Stagecraft Theatre in 1991.

Four linked one act plays concerning the same relationship from different points of view. See list of one act plays. Cast: 1f, 1m in each play. Magpies and Earwigs have been produced at Stagecraft.


A two act fantasy with philosophical overtones. Strange things happen when Sid puts the wrong mushrooms in the flan. Cast: 4f, 4m, 1 of either sex, 9 pantomime creatures. Doubling can reduce the cast to 9 if required. The play has not been performed but it won a prize in a competition.

The Russet Hippalector is a mythical beast, part horse, part rooster, part small dog which is never actually seen on stage although it's presence is very keenly felt.

When one writes a play there is usually a period of development which goes on in the mind before fingers are placed on the keyboard, however in this case I have written down the play during the various stages of it's development. What we have here is four one act plays in a series, progressing from unreality to reality (or vice versa), which can be presented singly or together. However in a 'full length' production the last play should be omitted because it is pretty much a non event and is very similar to the third play. The production will require a cast of two females, two males and one of either sex. Details of individual plays can be obtained by clicking the highlighted titles below. This Unreality Does Not Exist has been produced at Wellington Repertory.

How Not to Write a Play
The Cranes are Flying
This Unreality Does Not Exist
This Unreality Has No Existence

A day in the life in a small NZ town. 3f,5m.

As a full evenings entertainment two independent but related one act plays are presented. In each play a pair of lovers come into a gallery/restaurant for coffee. The current exhibition is avant garde and consists of two full length mirrors. The 'reflections' in these mirrors are two other actors who come down onto the stage and act out events relevant to the lovers. This is presided over by Francisco, the waiter, magician and creator of the exhibition. A number of related flash plays have been prepared.

Hall of Mirrors - Play 1 has been completed and performed.
Hall of Mirrors - Play 2 has been completed and performed.
Hall of Mirrors - Flash Plays

           An acting version of the play by Euripides.