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This is my portrait which was painted for me by my friend Grant Lodge. There are books, papers, pen and ink floating in the air. That is because I am a magician.

In 1998 the Playwright's Association of New Zealand awarded me the Doug Wrenn Memorial Award for achievement.

At the age of forty I started writing plays. It took me ten years to become established in community theatre. I've had about forty productions in local venues and overseas. These are mostly one act plays. I'd managed to score part time work at my profession which gave me some time for writing. My plays often deal with unusual aspects of life and consciousness, and present interesting challenges for producers and casts. At the age of fifty-eight I fell off a roof and damaged my head. This put me on accident compensation and gave me time to concentrate on longer works. I have finished three novels and published them. Over the last few years I have been publishing books with Michael O'Leary's press, the Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop.

I was previously known as Brian E Turner. I would prefer to be just Brian Turner however there are other authors with that by-line so I am now B E Turner.      

Play productions

All productions are one act of duration 15 to 50 minutes unless otherwise indicated.

Chrissy (BATS 1982)
Surd Person Circular [Withdrawn] (Independent Company 1984)
We're Here [Sketch] (Stagecraft 1989)
Starlight [Sketch] (Stagecraft 1989)
Dreamers (Stagecraft 1990)
Magpies (Stagecraft 1990) 
We don't want Any of Those Crazy Bastards Coming and Living in our Street (Stagecraft 1991)
Dreamers [Full Length] (Stagecraft 1991)
Two's Company (Stagecraft 1992)
Dreamers (Corner Theatre 1992)
Starlight - Version 2 (Stagecraft 1992)
Starlight - Version 3 (Stagecraft 1992)
Starlight - Version 4 (Corner 1993)
Those Who Pour Wine into the Earth (Stagecraft 1993)
Earwigs (Stagecraft 1994)
Her Selenic Majesty (Stagecraft 1994)
Four by Two [Sketches] (Stagecraft 1994)
The Potter (Kapiti Playhouse 1995)
Bad Night at the Mex (Wellington Repertory 1995)
Knitting (Stagecraft 1995)
Norman (Stagecraft 1995)
Seven Attack Thebes [Translation] (Stagecraft 1996)
Oedipus and Antigone (Stagecraft 1996)
This Unreality Does Not Exist (Wellington Repertory 1997)
Hall of Mirrors Play 1 (Stagecraft 1998)
Hall of Mirrors [Full length] (Montage Showcase - USA 2001)
Whitebaiting [Flash Play] (Mahara 2002)
We're Here [Flash Play] (Mahara 2002)
Earwigs (Faces Theatre Group - Malta 2005)
Knitting (Playbox Theatre - Norfolk Island 2005)
The Cranes are Flying (Otaki Players 2006)
Crossings [Flash play] (Otaki Players 2006)
A Rose [Flash play] (Otaki Players 2006)
Bridezilla [Flash play] (Otaki Players 2006)
The Carousel I (Playbox Theatre 2013/14)
This Unreality Does Not Exist (JEB Stuart High School, Falls Church, VA, USA 2014) Click here for a shaky video.

Bad Night at the Mex (Saint Paul Academy, MS, USA 2014) Some pictures from the production
Bad Night at the Mex (Leonardtown High School, USA 2014)
This Unreality Does Not Exist (Leonardtown High School, USA 2015)
Bad Night at the Mex (Washington Park High School,USA 2015)
Bad Night at the Mex (Pembroke Academy, Pembroke, NH,USA 2015)
Earwigs (Hamilton Playbox Repertory Theatre 2015) Click here for a video of a rehearsal performance.
Knitting (Hamilton Playbox Repertory Theatre 2016) Click here for some photos of the performance.


Two of a Kind (Oamaru Repertory Theatre) 2016

Timbuktu (Hamilton Playbox) 2017

Starlight (School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, OH) 2017


Rights are available to amateur and professional companies. Permission to perform must be obtained from the author. The usual fee is 10% of gross box office receipts. For one act plays presented together with plays by other authors the 10% is apportioned according to the number of plays. Royalties are waived for amateur productions where the company producing the play does not receive box office income, (such as in festival competitions.)  For semi-professional productions where profits are shared then a share in lieu of the 10% is acceptable.

Free reading copies can be downloaded from the website. These are copyright and can not be published or sold.

To download an RTF copy of these conditions click here.


Communication can be made by email to b.turner@actrix.gen.nz or by slow mail to 7 Atkinson Avenue, Otaki 5512, New Zealand.

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